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Tuesday 26 December 2017

Better Carry On With It

Boxing Day
After going to bed at...
 Gets up seven hours later...
Breakfast in bed...
 Even had more nibble...
Hubby walked to town with kids to spend some of their Christmas money.
I meanwhile done some window shopping via the internet....
Looks what happens when I reversed into the stool in my ♿...😞↓
The saving grace was,
Hubby bringing back some nice coffee..↓
Watched  a funny film later on...
Then to
Carry on watching.....↓↓↓


Monday 26 December 2016

Another Star Leaves Us :(

I was still in shock from the news of the death of George Michael.
Another 80's artist leaves us....
 It's been a terrible year for the famous dying.
I have been sending postive vibes to Carrie Fisher.
My house have been playing a lot of George's music today.
(so many good tunes!)
He may have gone, but his music will live on.
We had rare sunshine on this Boxing Day.
Someone was making full use of the sun's rays...

Saturday 26 December 2015

Homer Did It....Honest!

I have reached Boxing Day.
Try to do little as possible.
No chance!!!
Tidied up our boudoir of a bedroom.
 Then moved onto our Dining room.
A best jam jar got broke, with the help of Homer
Ate more Turkey, (Gobble Gobble) in some sandwiches.
Nearly finished eating the turkey.
Now to sip some Shloer
and watch Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer's Llamas 

Friday 26 December 2014

The Bake Off

It's good old Boxing Day.
Finished off the turkey.
Now to start on the Xmas cake I have made.
So we have got cosy and ready to watch Great British Bake Off from the beginning!
Back to back episodes....
Later on I can give my hubby a good stuffing!