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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Oops, The Computer Says No!

Going to enjoy a relaxing Sunday..
 Nice cup of tea in bed..
More sleep zzzzzzz
 Breakfast in bed :)
Once everyone was up.
The shopping list was wrote out.
Out in the rain we go.
 We tried to go Lidl's first.
However there wasn't a parking space.
Next stop...
Free Coffee & Newspaper↓
 A car had left it's headlights on↓
 Now to Lidl's↓
 *Lidl's computer said no to the above voucher ↑↑*
Good job I had one from yesterday.
Will try again on Friday to use it ...
As it's back to school and work for us tomorrow.
Washing machine put on...
Followed by tumble drier.
To ease into Wobbly Work wheel.
We watched...
 I had a quick look at the Birthdays...
Someone is 77 years old tomorrow
One of his songs is so sad it makes me cry...
   *Art Garfunkel*
The final video is my favourite Simon & Garfunkel song.
(At the end of this blog post)
Now to get ready for some Monday Motivation.....NOT! 

Monday, 5 February 2018

Strapping The Pinny On Tight!

Welcome to that Monday Feeling..
I started off with a coffee and smile..:)
 The pinny went on...
Had a quick play with Henry..

Rested the foot,
Now to play with some pastry..
 Rolled it out,
And added it to the tart tin.
After 45 minutes in the oven.
The Leek,Tomato,Goat's cheese tart was done..
(I pan fried the Leeks before adding them to the tart) 
While I was in the mood..
Out came a good book..
Followed by Kenny the Kenwood.
It didn't help I had run out Baking Powder...
I just can't jump into The Sexy Beast and go and get some just yet :(
Googled the problem, and found the answer.
Got on with the baking...
I had the 1970s playing all day..
While grating the lemons....
A sad song came on :'(↓↓
Into the oven they went.
My kids came back from school,
Then turned off to the 1970's I was listening to!!!
Back on that went!
They were ready!
 Lemon flavoured Tray Bake, with double cream and cherry topping..↑↑↑
 Lemon flavoured tray bake with double cream rose pedals, lavender seeds and lemon on top.↑↑↑
Used 3 tubes of double cream today \o/
Now to wrap up my friend's daughter's birthday presents for Thursday..↓↓
 I am having some new footwear tomorrow,
So I can walk about the house in them,
Instead of the kinky black boot...
Now to put Kenny to bed....


Saturday, 4 February 2017

Rabbit Time!

After enjoying a rare night out last night.
I had some work to catch up with...
Then we had a special delivery of
(New Kingsize mattress)
We buried our 9 month old long haired hamster, Smokey Blue in my dad's back garden.
He died last night :'(
We bought a new duvet cover for our bed..
 The only rabbits I know of in our bedroom.
Are those that contain batteries and buzzzzz