Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 3 September 2023

Counting Down The Days....

Everybody laughed when I first told them I wanted to be a comedian - well, they're not laughing now - Bob Monkhouse
Welcome to my Sunday love 💓
Breakfast and Brew.
More washing to do.
While I waited for the washing machine to finish.
Coffee time.
Hung the washing out.
Now out for a little ride in Sexy Beast.
Tyres pressures were checked.
A trip to B&M for some bargains.
Interesting finds in there↓
Off to see my parents.
I had a good yak about what has been happening.
Back home.
I passed on liquid lunch and had a nice salad instead.
I have to start to write the blog posts from June.
I finished listened to "Pick of the Pops" from yesterday.
Now to listen to Ken Bruce's "Secret 60s"
Gene Pitney came on, then a photo of Marc Almond for the song....
Their duet didn't come out until 1989...
We had a early Tea at 3.
I went back to blogging.
Hubby decided to cut the grass...
He didn't cut off any lights this time \o/
Hubby put the tea in the oven.
He went for a soak in the bath.
After he came down, I went for shower.
We had a lovely tea.
(Forgot to take a photo!)
Counting down the days.
Back to work on Tuesday.
As well as going back to work,
*It's our 12th Wedding Anniversary*
(And people said it wouldn't last!)
As it is going to be nice all week.
The Summer coat is going to be washed tomorrow, it should be dry for the return to work!
Hubby did his sandwiches for work tomorrow.
Sleep Tea Time
If this nice warm weather carries on.
The Bikini might have to be worn 👙


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