Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 1 June 2023

Happy Pride Month!

Good news rarely comes in a brown envelope - Henry Goldsmid
Happy Pride Month Everyone 🌈
We got up early, to have a brew.
We got dressed.
Now out to catch a tram.
Off to buy some Blackpool rock....
We popped in to see our friends Tony and Tracy.
(I needed to know when it was Tracy's Birthday, I knew it was in August)
Tony had got some nice shoes from a Charity Shop...
We caught up on some gossip.
Hope to meet up soon.
Off to get some early tea...
Back on the tram...
Back to B&B
Unpacked all the things we got today.
Quick look in the newspaper.
A bit of supper...
Back to our room to pack up everything.
All packed.
Time to try out the bed for the last time ;(

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