Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 17 June 2023

Dusting Down The Kenny!

 I worship the ground he's buried in - Harry Cohn
Welcome to my Saturday Fun 👅
We had a nice lie,
Missed Sounds of the 60s...;(
Breakfast and Brew
Now for a ride out.
Tried to post something at Greenlands Post Office.
Went to the Post Office at Headless Cross.
That was open :)
Posted my parcel.
Time to get some bargains.
Loads of bargains.
Then onto Lidl to the food shopping.
Shopping done.
Back home to unpack shopping.
Lunch time!
Back out.
Nips into Sainsburys.
I got one already↓
Private Eye front cover.
Back home.
Hubby started on the tea.
I planned out my baking for tomorrow.
Dusted Kenny down, ready for tomorrow!
Looked into today's newspaper.
Tea is served.
Saturday night movie time.
followed by:
Sleep Tea Time.
It's Father's Day tomorrow :(

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