Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 16 March 2023

Be Needing A Boat Soon!

What happens if you take a book to the beach on a hot day?
You can become well red!
Welcome to my Throwback Thursday 👀
We were up early to do the Heardles.
Heardle 50s:
Heardle 60s:
My results.
Breakfast and Brew.
On goes the thermal vest!
Now to face the world!
Gives hubby a sloppy wet one 💋
Gets to work.
On goes the winter coat and winter gloves.
Turns on my lights, and gets the newspaper.
Swaps the newspaper for my big stick.
Off to turn on my lights.
Due to the Teacher's Strike,
Not all of the 4 schools were open.
Turned on my lights and went down to my spot.
In the first 45 mins, I crossed over 3 people.
Then I got busy in the next 20 mins.
Finished in one piece.
Now to do some food shopping.
On the way to Lidl, I had a red Range Rover sitting on my arse, up to the Morrisons Island, I heard a car horn being pressed, I looked behind me and a black BMW had pushed in front of the Range Rover, and now was sitting on my arse all the way to Lidl.
I was glad to turn off!
Lots of Easter Eggs to choose from!
Back home.
The coffee machine goes on.
My friend come round with lots of nice stuff to have.
If I don't need any of it, off to Charity Shop with it.
Her daughter liked my collection of Minions!
I said to my friend see you later in the afternoon for a good rabbit!
Put the shopping away.
Coffee time.
Loaded up the dishwasher and put it on.
Liquid lunch time.
I looked on Google for when the rain comes.
9pm it said.
Looked out the window and it was raining.
Time for the sexy lumo trousers to come out.
Out to do the afternoon shift.
On goes the waterproof shoes.
Goes and puts on two sets of lights.
Back to Sexy Beast to collect my big stick.
 Both friends arrive for a rabbit!
When it was time to say goodbye, off in the rain to my spot I went!
Not many people/kids I crossed over.
Had to rain to keep me busy.
Still had cars not stopping on the otherside of the road.
Finished in one piece.
Back to Sexy Beast I go.
Home time.
Cup of brew time.
Sorted through the 5 boxes of books.
These are going to good home.
And these.
Hubby came home and had a sloppy wet one 💋
We had a nice tea.
(Ate it before I took a photo of it!)
It was yum!
Now to look into today's newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1974:
Paper Lace - Billy Don't Be A Hero.
US No.1 on this day in 1968:
Otis Redding - (Sitting on) The Dock of the Bay. 
Hubby got a magic box from Aldi.
I put two boxes of books into Sexy Beast for the Charity Shop tomorrow.
Sleep Tea Time.
Friday Feeling is back tomorrow 🎈







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