Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 14 August 2022

Doing Up The House Some More!

Erotic is when you use a feather. Kinky is when you use the whole chicken - Anon.
Welcome to my Sunday 💗
It's going to be warm!
Breakfast with brew.
Out far too early for a Sunday ;)
Right back on it!
Now to paint the front of the house.
One cheerful neighbour came out of his home, totally ignored me and got in his car and drove off. 
(He must be suffering still from the camera that went up his bottom in May!)
Finished the front of the house before the sun moved around.
Now to finish applying the second layer of paint around the back!
Now to add adhesive wrap to the kitchen cupboards.
Sorted out the bathroom once and for all.
New volie in the front bedroom.
Found a tape I owed back in the 1980's
Put him on top of the kitchen cupboard.
I bought the two of the three singles that were released off the album.
True Love (1988)
Jezebel (1989)↓
Also came across a signed autograph of Big Daddy↓
Also a weekly shopping list of my late Father-in-law's↓
Because it was getting too hot,
The wallpaper I bought,
wasn't playing ball with hubby who was trying to put it on the wall.
All of it couldn't be saved and in the bin it went :(
It was getting too warm to do anything else.
Time to go home to chill!
House looking nice :)
On the way home, we were stuck behind a Sunday Driver doing 30 m.p.h in a 50.
There was a large convoy building up behind us.
There were only two chances to overtake it.
We took the first chance.
After ten minutes, the road behind us was clear for miles!
Back home.
Time for a dip in the pool!
Once it went cooler.
Hubby got to play with his big drill!
We had a light tea.
We did the Heardles.
Heardles 60s:
My son's answers were:
Quick look into today's newspaper:
UK No.1 on this day in 1968:
Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - Fire
UK No.1 on this day in 1993:
Freddy Mercury - Living On My Own
US No.1 on this day in 1965:
Sonny & Cher - I Got You Babe 
Then we watched "Marriage".
Oh dear, can I have my hour back!
Sleep Tea Time.
I slept downstairs as it was still too warm to sleep upstairs!
No Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 for me this week.






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