Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 6 August 2022

Go On Do It!!!!!

A dress has no meaning unless it make a man want to take it off - Francoise Sagan
Welcome to my Saturday fun of bargains 🎲
We did the Heardles before breakfast.
Heardle 60s:
My son's answers:
Breakfast time.
Now out of the house....
Drops off son at work.
Now onwards to Droitwich we go.
So much traffic before we actually got there!
We parked in the Waitrose car park....
So we can have a nice walk up to the Droitwich Lions event.
Now to look around the Droitwich Lions's event.
I bought a great big hamper
(To put all my fabric in)
Lots more as well.
Hubby had to go and fetch the car to put it all in.
Once we loaded his car up with it.
He went back to park it back in Waitrose car park.
Then I waited for him to join me.
First we needed a drink!
I found all the main characters of the film, "The Secret Life of Pets" in teddy form.
Two didn't have a price on, and the woman made up the prices.
I went back into another charity shop and got the film on DVD for 50p!
Still went looking for more bargains.
Nice single :)
Nipped into Waitrose for some bits.
This was in the reduced items bin↓
There was a nice car in the car park↓
Back home to unpack all the bargains.
Another Minion to add to my collection!
Light lunch time.
Then hubby and younger son went out to do the week's shopping.
I in the meantime had to move about everything, so the big wicker basket could be put in and all my fabric put in.
Got two wicker baskets to take over to my late father-in-law's house tomorrow,to put where the Fridge and Freezer was.
Then I start to catch up on my blog.
Hubby comes back with the food.
Then we drop off son.
I have to go to 3 shops in one hour to pick up bits to take to my late Father-in-law's house tomorrow.
First stop was Dunelm.
Only had to pick up one item...
3 people in front of me, two people on the tills.
I thought I was bad when I go in there, one person's bill was £53.
I finally pick up my one item, comes out of the store. I walk over the crossing to the car park, when this blue car appears, and just drives at me on the crossing, I get over the otherside when he stops the car and shouts out of the window:
"Are you trying to get run over?"
"I was on the crossing,it was my right of way,"I replied.
I must have took him by surprise
(Not used to a woman answering him back)
"That's not a crossing!" He shouted at me.
"If you want to run me over, reverse and finish the job!" I shouted back at him.
He then parked his car opposite where my hubby was parked. I got in the passenger seat and looked in the rear view mirror.
He got out and followed wife into Dunelm.
I thought he wanted another word in my ear.
He is probably not used to trying to get hit by traffic twice a day like me in my job, 34 wks of the year!
Next stop was Tool Station and Screw Fix.
Finally got home!
Unpacked my stuff.
Hubby put the tea on, as I have blog posts to finish.
We even got to hear the whole of "Sounds of the 60s.
UK top 3 of 1965 
The Fortunes - You Got Troubles
The Byrds - Mr Tambourine Man
The Beatles - Help
Quick look into today's newspaper:
US No.1 on this day in 2016:
Sia featuring Sean Paul - Cheap Thrills 
Sleep Tea time.
Bed time, as we are well busy tomorrow!










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