Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday, 4 June 2022

Sun, Beach, & Crystals!

 Love makes the world go round? Not at all.Whisky makes it go round twice as fast - Compton Mackenzie
Morning all.......😵
Can the room stop going round and round....
Feels like someone is saying..
Place your bets as the room goes round and around...
I have breakfast in my room,
With a cup of tea...
Goes back to sleep until Midday.
Back to normal I feel...abit!
Gets dressed.
Pays for another night.
Now to face the world!
Great party last night.
However firmly back on that wagon and 
NOT coming off.... 
Back to getting the tram...
We get the tram down to Star Gate.
Walk to the bus stop.
Wait for the bus to St Annes.
Bus comes, up the top at the front we go.
We get off at St Annes.
First was to have a late lunch.
I needed that!
The Park was too full to enjoy eating in there.
So we sat on a bench to eat our late lunch.
Gets more crochet blankets from the charity shop. Followed by a visit to the Crystal shop.
Younger son was getting into a black mood at this point, from waiting outside.
He comes into the shop,
"I don't believe in any of this," throws the bag on the floor, and gets the bus back to the B&B.
I buy the crystals I had in my hand and leaves the shop with my other son.
Now to carry on looking around the Charity Shops.
Once we done that, now to see Les Dawson.
Then off for a nice walk down the front.
Had a ice cream on the front.
We walked back and discovered a lovely water fountain.
We got to the bus stop to wait for the bus back to Star Gate.
Two buses arrive the same time.
We catch the second one back to Star Gate.
Gets off and gets the tram back.
Back to the B&B.
Tea time.
Nice view from the bedroom window.
Sleep Tea time.
Bags packed.
One last night in one comfortable bed.
Night all x



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