Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 1 January 2021

Sending Some Lighting Bolts!

Fish is the only food that is considered spoiled once it smells like what it is - PJ O'Rourke 

 Happy New Year Everyone!
It's the Friday Feeling is back 💥
Time for a brew and hug...
Went outside for some fresh air.
(Opened all the windows upstairs!)
While I was putting up the new calenders, hubby went and got the newspaper.
Hubby had come back quicker than normal and had interesting story to tell.
As he was walking up the road, my younger brother went past in his limo and totally ignored my hubby. Hubby then started to send him lightening bolts at him all the way down the road!
Younger brother turned around his limo and was coming back up the road, hubby starting walking when my younger brother stopped and offered my hubby a lift to the paper shop.
All my hubby had to hear was:
"Money is the root of all evil!"
(That was aimed at me, I say don't throw stones in glass houses to that one!)
Being so anti-depressant, hubby was glad to get out of the car!
After my younger brother ignored me doing my Lollypop job last year, it seems he will be going down the same path of the Prodical brother........😶
Coffee time!
First coffee of 2021!
Look in the newspaper.
Last Christmas’ by Wham! is officially number 1 in the UK
official single charts in 2021
this week for the very first time! 
 It’s been an incredible 36 years since the track was first released in 1984!
All the Christmas Decorations and Tree are coming down tomorrow.
I gave the kitchen a good clean.
Washing machine went back on again.
We then started to watch two programmes about Les Dawson.
I got yesterday blog post wrote..
Pizza time!
Going to have home cooked evening meal tomorrow.
Especially to keep the cold out!
Next up a film about Whitney Houston.
Really good film.
Sleep Tea time.
We watched the Newspaper Review on Sky.
Then it was off to enjoy a warm cuddle under that 16 tog duvet!




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