Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 23 January 2021

Pyjama Day!

I have my faults, but being wrong isn't one of them - Jimmy Hoffa
Welcome to my Saturday 💜
I was up too early for a Saturday...
A cup of brew time...
Listened to "Sounds of the 60s"
The top 3 was from 1961.
I wrote 2 blog posts.
Then added some tunes to my Jukebox on Twitter.
Sleeping Beauty woke up.
Nice to have a much missed ...
Bacon Sandwich.
My coffee order soon arrived as well.
At least the sun is coming out!
I went back to bed for an hour.
Hubby made me some soup with a nice cup of coffee.
Afterwards, downstairs I went.
Catch up with Top of The Pops.
1st week↓
The Very Best of Talk Talk was number 4 in the album charts↑
Next week's episode.
Hubby couldn't believe we got through all that in 8 minutes!
He didn't know most of the bands, pity I did, that's why the fast forward button was invented! 
We watched five episodes of:
Then we moved onto:
Disco time↓
Now for some nibbles↓
We watched 5 episodes of Narcos:Mexico.
 Gil Gerard  is an American actor, most notable for his role as Captain William "Buck" Rogers in the 1979–81 television series Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. 
He is 78 years old 🎈
Gordon  Kaye, was an English actor and singer, best known for playing womanizing café owner René Artois in the television comedy series 'Allo 'Allo!.
He died on this day aged 75 in 2017 
Now for some Sleep Tea.
Snow is due tomorrow...


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