Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 11 October 2020

Hey You It's Sunday!

“Those who are easily shocked should be shocked more often.”
Mae West  
The sunshine is back \o/
Brew and hug time↑
Now to drop off son at his boxing lesson.
Dropped him off.
Now to check tyres pressures of Sexy Beast.
Then to check hubby's car tyre pressures on his car.
Picked up son from his boxing lesson.
Washing machine back on.
Now to write 3 blogs posts....
Nice to have lunch half way through.
Needed a break from blogging.
Off to get some things for our tea from LIDL.
Followed by a late tea at 3.
Finally finished writing the blog posts!
Caught up with some of the telly from last week.
We had our Roast Chicken Dinner.
We watched this week's Top Gear.
We caught up with 2 episodes of Top Of The Pops from 1990.
My favourite band was on...
There was a new entry which I bought the 7 inch record....↓
Daryl  Hohl , better known by his stage name Daryl Hall, is an American rock, R&B, and soul singer; keyboardist, guitarist, songwriter, and producer, best known as the co-founder and principal lead vocalist of Hall & Oates (with guitarist and songwriter John Oates).He is 74 years old 🎈

I had my Sleep Tea.
Back on the Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 tomorrow....



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