Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

I Don't Bite.....Yet!

Start everyday with a smile and get it over with - W.C Fields
Welcome to my Tuesday 👯
Hug and brew time.
With added breakfast.
Too late for daily walk.
Quick trip out in Sexy Beast to fetch newspaper↓
Came back to see the moon still out↓
I gave everyone a sloppy wet 💋 before I left.
The sun was coming up when I got to my Lollypop job 🍭
Nice picture of the tree before I turned on my lights.
I had the normal fun...
Two cars carried on totally ignoring my Stop sign...
 Oh dear, How sad, Nevermind.
Safely finished in one piece.
Gets home↓
Made lunch for later.
Then back out in Sexy Beast
I didn't know if the normal road was open, so I took a big detour around Bromsgrove.
(Oh dear, How sad, Nevermind....)
Going through Charford and witnessed a van reversing into a car waiting behind it!
I was glad to get to where I was going after seeing that!
Quick read of the newspaper↓
Johnny Nash  was an American singer-songwriter, best known in the United States for his 1972 hit "I Can See Clearly Now". Primarily a reggae and pop singer, he was one of the first non-Jamaican artists to record reggae music in Kingston.He died on this day in 2020 aged 80 years old.
 I looked across the fields of fun↓
I did what I had to do...
The road I normally take was open...
Lets hit the singing nice and hard!
I gets home at the normal time \o/
Light lunch↓
Back out to do final lollipop of the day.
While I was travelling there, I saw a grey hire car nearly take out a cyclist. The female driver turned her head at the cyclist and carried on up the High Street. The cyclist shook his head, got off his bike and pushed his bike up the High Street.
I hope I don't see any more accidents or nearly accidents today!
At least the rain is keeping off!
One friend who I talk to in the afternoon was trying to tell another friend to cross the road with me instead of trying her luck to cross the busy road....
I told my friend when she walked down to me:
"Tell your friend, I don't bite....yet!"
She laughed.
"I tried telling her to cross with you,but she wants to chance it!"
"One way ticket to ↑↓!"I replied...
Finished in one piece.
Then back home.
My neighbour's book arrived he wanted me to get.It has come from the good old USA!
I finally got to write one blog from Sunday!
Next up was our evening meal...↓
Yummy veg meal.
I still had Monday's blog post to write.
But first, down to work I go...
First big tune of the week↓
The moon was out and a nice orange light from Outer Space↓
I jumped into a hot shower when I got back.
Watched the Great British Bake Off from earlier and I wrote Monday's blog post....
As soon as my head hit that pillow...
I was out  like a light! 



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