Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday 6 September 2020

Oooo Sir! Fancy More Horn???

You either love this guy or hate him. Please notice, he has Audi!
Welcome to my Sunday 😎
Up early to do a nice long walk after breakfast...
But first...↓
Now out for a extended walk↓
 The D is coming off↑
 Looking over one side of the bridge↓
 And the other side↓
 A booklet from the near-by school↓
 Up the hill we go...
And back down we go..
 Back home.
We did 2 miles,
5,300.03 steps.
Tidy up the garden.
Now for a bacon and black pudding sandwich↓
 Dropped off kids for their Sunday walk.
Popped into see my parents for a chat↓
 Popped into Sainsbury's for some bits↓
 Nice coffee when we got out.
 Nearly was took out by a white Audi on the Sainsburys island who failed to stop.Gave him a long blast of my horn, he then stopped on the island afterwards, I wasn't going to stop and have words, my horn did my talking!
He was weaving althrough the traffic after he went past the traffic lights.He had to stop at the next traffic island.
(He does know how to stop at islands then!).I was on his left, and carried on down to the slip road.... 
Filled up Sexy Beast for the week.
Back home to unpack my Sainsbury's shopping...
Now to catch up on the blog!  
Once blog was wrote.
Bargains from Sainsburys↓

Coffee and nibble↓
 Now to make more facemasks↓
I made 5 in no time↓
  Evening meal time↓
 We carried on watching..
Kids got their lunches made for school tomorrow.
Ironed their uniforms.
One son just came out with that he has only got two pairs of trousers for school!!!
Both were in the washing machine being washed!!
He couldn't find the trousers his older brother had given him back in February.
Goes on on-line...
Gets him more trousers for him...
 Back on the Sleep Tea↓

 Back on the Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 tomorrow..\o/


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