Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Tuesday 8 September 2020

The Arrow Going Round Three Times....

The problem with any unwritten law is that you don't know where to go to erase it - Glaser and Way
Welcome to my Tuesday 🍿
Let's hope I have a better day than I did yesterday.
 Hug and Brew time↑
Out for the walk↓
 Anyone want a vac↓
 Back home↓
  I gave hubby a sloppy wet 💋 before he went to work.
I did the same to my kids before they went to school 💋💋
Quick read of today's newspaper↓
  With coffee↓
I had a visit from my Lollipop boss to give me my new coat.
 Nice and roomy!
The car drivers will be able to see me for miles and miles....
Then off to see my Doctor about my blood results...
 I am in the age range for the menopause... 
Then on the way to work I go with bouts of singing...
 Looking across the fields of fun↓

 I had a much better day :)
I was given my ID with a photo of me on it.
(That was my Halloween photo, it scares people!)↓↓
 Finished on time.
Back to the singing I go↓
Back home↓
 There is pk of 12 socks waiting for me.
4 pairs of school trousers too.
(All for my kids)
 Late lunch↓
My friend pops in for coffee and chat.
I had no cake whatsover in the house :(
Kids come back from school.
One doesn't know if he has PE tomorrow or not. Lots of chinese whispers going around  about it.
"Email your teacher and find out!"
I gets tea sorted out↓
One son was moaning about the spices on the chicken.
The other son got a response from his teacher. No PE until next week....
More bingewatching to do before I go to work.
Wonder what we can watch?
 Now down to work with a big tune to start with:
I gets back home.
One son wanted some bathroom scales for his Physics homework for Friday.
I tried to look for the old ones↓
The digital ones are a lot cheaper↓
 (At least the arrow won't go around 3 times until it stops,when I step on this one)
I got one coming tomorrow.
My son's PE kit is now in the washing machine, being washed and dried for Thursday (He hopes).
I watched one more episode of NYPD Blue.
With some sleep tea↓
 It it going to be a Hot or Wet Hump tomorrow 🐫 🐪?



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