Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Friday 28 February 2020

I Will Be Needing A Small Boat Soon....

You can pretend to be serious:you can't pretend to be witty 
- Sacha Guitry
Woo hoo it's returned↓
Friday Feeling🎈
One day to go until my real birthday 🎈
It has forecasted rain this morning....
The sexy lumo trousers are going back on again!
But first hug and tea↓ 
 Trousers on.
Sloppy wet 💋💋💋 to everyone.
Now to get wet once more↓
 I heard my Birthday request read out on the Breakfast show before I got out of the car.
Quick peak in the newspaper↓
 Joe South  was an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. Best known for his songwriting, South won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 1970 for "Games People Play" and was again nominated for the award in 1972 for "Rose Garden".He would have been 80 years old🎈
He died aged 72 in 2012
 Oh dear going to get wet again!
One driver was going too fast and had to brake hard,when I was in the middle of the road!
One old car driver, totally ignored my lollipop stick up in the air, went underneath it, and parked up the road outside the newspaper shop.Then when he tried to pull out of his car parking space, he nearly got took out by a white van!
I still finished in one piece.
Now for some more singing in the rain!
At least I got my B3 space!
 As I have given up chocolate and cake for Lent...
One normal coffee and some other nibbles↓
 I had a good yak with my friend.
I got some nice presents and a birthday card for tomorrow :)
Then off into the rain I go with more singing to do↓
I look across the fields of the fun for the final time for the week↓
 My ex co-worker who retired last July was back to help out (And me with the dinners) It was nice to see her again.She got me a present and card for tomorrow as well as other members of staff got me cards for tomorrow:)
I finished on time...
Back to singing in the rain on the way home↓
Still raining when I got home↓
My amazom orders came↓
Birthday cards and presents are here for tomorrow↓
 Coffee and nibble↓
Back with the sexy lumo trousers↓
 I got flowers and a card off a nice lady before I started. I had to tie it to the handrail↓
 Car drivers were still ignoring me!
Too much Friday Feeling.
I finish in one piece only to find a lorry blocking my drive.
I had to wait 15 minutes to get back on my own drive↓
 This making me late for the Happy Place Of Work.
Needs some music to sing along with↓
 Once finished,
Time for tea↓
Back out for more singing along↓
 Once I got back.
I kicked off my rollers...
 Snuggle time and waiting for my real Birthday tomorrow🎈


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