Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Saturday 29 February 2020

Leaping To The Number 12!

"Here's a rule I recommend: Never practise two vices at once!" -
Tallulah Bankhead
At last my 12th Leap years Birthday is here🎈
Hug and tea first↓
 Presents and cards to open↓
 Lovely presents↓
 We leave the house early↓
 We avoided the water,
To park the car↓
 We caught the train↓
 We waited for the train to leave...
We gets to New Street Station↓
 We walk to the Birmingham Library in the cold.
 We had to wait until 11am for the library for it to open.
Needed a warm coffee to warm up↓
 The view from the library top floor↓
  Off for some lunch↓
 1st starter↑
 2rd starter↑
 Now to walk it off!
We looked in Debenhams, TK Maxx and John Lewis.
Back to catch the train home↓
 Slept all the way back to the station.
Back home↓
 Light tea.
Packs overnight bag.
Off we go...↓
 The room↓
The settee outside the room↓
 The view from the stairs↓
 Where is the rest of the bed blankets↓
 4 tog duvet?????
Frigging cold!
 Nice bathroom↑
We had to wait over an hour and half for another duvet and bathmat for the bathroom!
The wind was blowing outside.
 One cobweb dancing in the wind↑
 Another cobweb↑
Finally another warm duvet↓
 We gets under the warm duvet...
Let the magic happen!

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