Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Having A Piece Of American Pie.

Nobody ever drowned in his own sweat - Ann Landers
It was nice to have a small lie-in.
Hubby is still looking green. 
Cup of tea time....
(In Hubby's case, it was lemsip)  
 Today's hat↓
 At least the sun defrosted my Sexy Beast.
 I left to go to do my cleaning job in the sunshine↓
 Came back for a quick drink after work, now on to another cleaning job↓
 Finally takes off my work hat to enjoy some nice liquid soup!
 The prodigal middle brother wasn't coming over to see my dad.
Plus my dad's friend was suddenly busy going out with her son.
Younger brother was busy, so it was left to me to go over and do some lunch. It was in fact my youngest son that did his meal for him.
( I watched from the sidelines)
After making it, my dad took two mouth fulls and said the steak was full of gristle and left it!!!
We came home.
Hubby was still ill in bed.
Washing machine went on,
Dishwasher unloaded.
Time to do tea! 
 This will keep the bugs away!
 Beef, mushroom, garlic, ginger with noodles.
Ginger cake with whippy cream and walnuts↓
 While everyone was having their showers...
Birthdays Time. 
 Dennis Edwards: American lead singer of The Temptations (Papa was a Rollin' Stone) would have been 76 years old.
(He died aged 74 in 2018) 
Eric Haydock: bassist (Hollies) would have been 76 years old.
(He died on January 5th 2019 aged 75)
 Dave Davies, rock vocalist/guitarist (Kinks-Lola),is 72 years old.
Buddy Holly:American rock and roll musician (That'll be the Day), dies in a plane crash at 22 in 1959
Ritchie Valens: American rock vocalist (Donna, La Bamba), dies in plane crash at 17 in 1959
The Big Bopper [Jiles Perry Richardson], American musician, dies in plane crash at 28 in 1959
The Day the Music Died" plane crash kills musicians Buddy Holly, Richie Valens, J. P. Richardson and pilot near Clear Lake Iowa in 1959. 
Hubby stops in bed.
I gets all the school uniforms ready for tomorrow.
I enjoy catching up with some "Sounds of the 60's", "Sounds of the 70s" on the BBC Sounds app.
I also caught up with Mike Wyer on H&W which I missed this afternoon.
Ready to be covered with Vicks....
Great smell!
All ready to mount the Wobbly Work Wheel Tomorrow.....

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