Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 18 February 2019

Ha Ha Laughed The Clown

Give me a treat, or leave me alone.It's Monday! - Paige
Welcome to the Wobbly Work Wheel Monday 🎡
I'm lucky to have a week off from Job 1.
(Still got plenty of things to catch up with)
 Nudge, then tea in bed...
  Gave hubby a big 💋 before he went off to work..
The kids had a little lie-in,
Then I opened their windows....
(Ha Ha 🤡) 
I looked out of the window,
The washing was drying...↓↓
Nice bit of coffee to start Monday with...
I updated my blog....
After a quick lunch,
It was time to use the mouth battery!
 What nice music are we going to listen to?
Manfred Mann Time!
Fills up Sexy Beast.
Nips into Boomerang 
To see if they have got a Gas Cooker for sale.
No was the answer...
"Oh well, I will keep on looking......"
I popped into see my good friend for a coffee and chat.
My kids played happily with her kids.
Had a lovely catch up :) 
I had to leave as I had Job 2 to do. 
We will catch up again soon :)
Coming back home, the moon was out and hiding behind the clouds...
 I made a quick stir fry...
 I had a quick look at the Birthdays
before I went off to do another cleaning job.
Sir Bobby Robson:British footballer and Football Manager (England,Ipswich Town,PSV, Newcastle United) would have been 86 years old.
(He died aged 76 years old in 2009)
John Hughes: American film director (Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller,Uncle Buck) would have been 69 years old.
(He died aged 59 in 2009) 

Veronica "Randy" Crawford: US vocalist (One Day I'll Fly Away) is 67 years old.
Michelangelo:Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet of the High Renaissance (David, Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel), dies at 88 in 1564
Richard Bright: An American actor well known for his role as Al Neri in the Godfather films.He was struck and killed by the driver of a tour bus on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, aged 68 years old in 2006.

Mark Twain publishes the"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" in the US in 1885.

The moon was nice and bright in the sky on the way back home...

 I caught up with 2 episodes of American's Got Talent:The Champions.
 I will have to wait for the Final to be put on Netflix....
That garlic was strong I put in the Stir Fry, 
That will keep away vampires....or even hubby! 


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