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Saturday 24 October 2015

Eye To Eye...

Hey ho another Saturday.
Lie in, playing with the gear-stick and tea in bed.
No sunshine today only dark clouds and rain!
We did some top up shopping at Aldi's.
Bumped into few Stepford wives
They looked, I smiled.
Got home to make a strawberry cheesecake with hubby.
Then I finished off my Halloween cake.
It titled "Up To My Eyes".
Now to celebrate that by doing the funky chicken in my living room!!

Saturday 10 October 2015

My True Life Saving Son ;)

A huge welcome to this Saturday!
Lie -in, cup of tea, warm husband,
What more do I need on a Saturday morning?
We visited town, enjoyed a takeaway Ginger spiced latte from the M&S cafe.
I sat reading my favourite newspaper in my local library.
Having missed seeing my older son in the cafe by seconds.
He was caught up in some drama later on,
"An old lady stopped breathing just outside M&S, he got her to the ground. 
Started performing chest compressions, the other person did mouth to mouth.
 Soon after she started breathing."
My son is not just a Master Barista at M&S Cafe.
He is a true life saving hero :)