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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Hunting The Lentil!

Welcome to Hump of the week.
Potty mouth from yesterday, kept his distance away from me.
Hunted high and low for green lentils.
As they were needed for my son's cooking lesson tomorrow.
Morrison's didn't have any, Tesco's came to the rescue.
We had a touch of Storm Jake, high winds, heavy rain, and more howling wind!)
My older son gave me a lift in his new car to JOB 1
I got out of his car and kissed the floor (Joking)
Jack didn't tell me his Scout uniform needed drying.
James's navy trousers had marks on from last week!!
I may be a good fluffy nice mum, 
But trying to read their minds......on what need doing....
That's a different story!


Saturday, 10 October 2015

My True Life Saving Son ;)

A huge welcome to this Saturday!
Lie -in, cup of tea, warm husband,
What more do I need on a Saturday morning?
We visited town, enjoyed a takeaway Ginger spiced latte from the M&S cafe.
I sat reading my favourite newspaper in my local library.
Having missed seeing my older son in the cafe by seconds.
He was caught up in some drama later on,
"An old lady stopped breathing just outside M&S, he got her to the ground. 
Started performing chest compressions, the other person did mouth to mouth.
 Soon after she started breathing."
My son is not just a Master Barista at M&S Cafe.
He is a true life saving hero :)