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Thursday, 15 June 2017

Cooling Down Time!

Another warm day ahead....😎
 My hubby's t-shirt finally arrived!
(after 6 days!)
 I was tempered to wear as little as possible under my summer coat for Job 1.
I had to cool down after my 4th job of the day..
 That's better!😎
Now to watch the sun go down....

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Waiting For Fight Club To Start...

The sun is still shining (woo hoo)
Took the kids out with football to the park.
As normal,arguments,tears....
I was waiting for Fight Club to start....
While I was doing Job 2  and  Job 3
Hubby had a date with the lawnmover..
Laters on, I had a date with the hairdresser to cut back my Dougal hairstyle..


Sunday, 8 May 2016

Miss You Mum x

I dread this day of the year.
I had a reminder On This Day in History on Facebook,
Just in case I happened to forget (which I won't!)
This day 3 years ago, my mum passed away.
I had to sort out the funeral, and do the food for the wake.
I didn't visit her grave today, as there might be a stampede from my brothers to visit her.(Not!)
I will visit her tomorrow, with flowers, and have a good yak on what's be going on since Mother's Day.
At least we were blessed with a warm sunny day.
The hubby had to use those warm hands of his....
On the lawnmower to cut the lawn!