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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Happy Father's Day!

*Happy Father's Day Everyone! *

We got up and gave my hubby his cards and presents....
 Nice cooked breakfast for hubby
 and mine...↓↓
 Now to burn it off by...
 Mowing off the lawn!
The weather was cloudy with no sun.
 I still put washing machine on three times, while hubby went to collect our dads.
Tea and Steak dinner served up.
 I did take a picture of the 3 Father's.
To save blushes....their faces are covered by
 My younger brother popped in to see our dad.
My dad went back home at 3pm.
My Father in law really enjoyed our company.
He went home at 7.30pm.
Got all the things ready for tomorrow's work and school day.
 My dad enjoyed his Father's Day card I made.
Early night and give my hubby a late Father's Day rub.... 


Sunday, 21 May 2017

Funday Sunday In the Sunshine!

The sun came out on this Sunday,
We popped into a Sunday Funday event hosted by Ryce at the Reddi-Centre.
Our kids enjoyed dressing up as Policemen.
I won two things on the raffle.
Made the most of the sunshine even more.
A little bit of gardening....
A little bit of pruning, pulling up of the weeds,  and mowing of the lawn.
 Now to enjoy the freshly cut lawn!
Plenty of relaxation as I have another job interview tomorrow...
Roll on Monday and back on the wobbly work wheel....

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Miss You Mum x

I dread this day of the year.
I had a reminder On This Day in History on Facebook,
Just in case I happened to forget (which I won't!)
This day 3 years ago, my mum passed away.
I had to sort out the funeral, and do the food for the wake.
I didn't visit her grave today, as there might be a stampede from my brothers to visit her.(Not!)
I will visit her tomorrow, with flowers, and have a good yak on what's be going on since Mother's Day.
At least we were blessed with a warm sunny day.
The hubby had to use those warm hands of his....
On the lawnmower to cut the lawn!


Sunday, 27 September 2015

Licking The Stamp!

At last we reached Sunday.
Lie-in  and cup of tea in bed we enjoyed.
We had fun with our lawn mower.
Not naming no names here,
Someone last time mowed over the power cord,
So we waited for a new power cord.
When it arrived it was the wrong one!
So we borrowed next door's lawn mower.
The front lawn looks well tidy!
I meanwhile made a belated birthday card to a good friend who delivers mail for a living.