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Sunday 4 June 2017

Just Going To Have A Look...Honest!

After such the terrible events last night unfolded in London,😢
We stayed up in the early hours watching the news....😢
Now for a little bit of Dunelm experience....
Wonder what I could fill the large jars with?↓↓
 (↑That would look so nice on our bed!↑)
So many nice things....
Might have to add this to my Christmas List ↓↓😆😆
 I decided to upgrade my oven gloves, pinny and some nice tea bags...
We did our good deed of the day,
By helping a Polish man who locked himself of his car in the car park!
Now to enjoy some nice tea! 

Sunday 28 December 2014

No More Soggy Bottoms!

Looking through the sales on the Internet
There were 3 items in the sale at Salisbury's.
Trouble is,Salisbury's don't do click and collect on sales items,
So I popped in to my local store.
 I had a upgrade....
Of oven gloves..
No more soggy bottoms either when I bake pies...
Got more than enough bags to pipe with now