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Friday 24 August 2018

Pass The Jumper!

The best day of the working week has arrived!
Loads of Friday Feeling to share about!
I was up early to have my Webbs Experience!
The temperature has gone down quite a bit.
Mustn't moan. as it's not raining!
Now for a ride in Sexy Beast, with some added singing-along.....↓↓
 Time to B3
Hot chocolate with cream, and chat time!
Nice singalong back home...↓
At least the temperature is going up ↗↗↗↗

 George is enjoying my new pink cup....

 I got myself a worry doll...
Someone else can worry for me!
Popped into see my dad...
No sign of the other brothers of mine ...
Off to Job early. 
I was rewarded with milk and cake, as it is a four day working week next week, and these would have gone off by Tuesday..
 Just got home to avoid the result of that dark cloud overhead.↓↓
 Time to chop chop for Evening Meal.
Sour Cream with Chives with Jacket Potatoes,
Pan fried Peppers,Red Onions,&Garlic.
We caught up with:

 Time to warm up my hands.....:)

Sunday 4 June 2017

Just Going To Have A Look...Honest!

After such the terrible events last night unfolded in London,😢
We stayed up in the early hours watching the news....😢
Now for a little bit of Dunelm experience....
Wonder what I could fill the large jars with?↓↓
 (↑That would look so nice on our bed!↑)
So many nice things....
Might have to add this to my Christmas List ↓↓😆😆
 I decided to upgrade my oven gloves, pinny and some nice tea bags...
We did our good deed of the day,
By helping a Polish man who locked himself of his car in the car park!
Now to enjoy some nice tea!