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Sunday 2 October 2022

Always Needs Some Loom!

 Love makes the world go round?
Not at all. Whisky makes it go round twice as fast 
- Compton Mackenzie
Welcome to Sunday 💖
Heardle time:
Heardle 60s:
My answers:
I took a Covid test to make sure I haven't caught it!
Breakfast and Brew:
Got changed into my painting clothes.
Moved everything out of the way of the front door....
Now to paint!
Will let it dry before everything goes back up on the wall.
Then I have to a bit of Lloyd Loom up from Bromsgrove.I had a nice chat with the seller when I picked it up.
I also picked up younger son from his friend's.
I nipped into Waitrose for some reduced food before I headed back home is silence.
Older son had this in his room↑
Now to do some more cooking....↓
I had a nice hot shower while it was cooking!
Time to dish it up↓
Now to look into this weekend's newspaper:
US No.1 on this day in 1965:
The McCoys - Hang On Sloopy 
US No.1 on this day in 1982:
John Mellencamp - Jack and Diane
We watched 2 more episodes of "Yellowstone"
Sleep Tea Time.
Back on that Wobbly Work Wheel tomorrow 🎡