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Sunday 21 January 2018

Making The Most Of My Own Hunk Of Love!

We had a little lie-in...
It was snowing....again↓
 Hubby went food shopping.
I drunk coffee and watched the snow come down...⛄
 Tidied up our Dining Room.
New tablecloth added...↓
 Hubby had nipped into Dunelm...
Upgraded the net curtain...↓
 Light lunch..
 The old suite is being collected tomorrow..
Hubby and kids moved them onto the drive..
 Chill with a good film
 Jerky Chicken for tea.
 Finally finished my Pom Pom wreath..
 Now going to watch some..


Tuesday 2 January 2018

Nothing Going To Break My Stride..

Getting back in the routine...
💋 hubby before he went back to work 
Now for a early nibble...
Had kinky black boot on to get used to walking again.
With the aid of my funky frame....
 Nice big strides around the house....
Wrote out our thank you cards for the biscuits and Xmas money we received over Xmas
Another cooking book to try out....
More films to watch...↓↓
 More nice coffee to drink...↓↓
 We watched a great Carry on film ↓
Back to cooking a nice meal ↓
 Jerky Chicken with salad
Hopefully do some baking with kids tomorrow.
As it's their last day of the school holidays...