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Thursday 3 September 2015

More Fruit Than Nut

I have had my own Great British Bake Off in my own kitchen.
First up I made a chocolate sponge with Kenny the Kenwood.
Next I made some lemon shortbread.
Now to attack a bag of bramley apples.
I defrosted a 2lb of blackberries,
Out came the jam pan.
2lb of apples, 2lb of blackberries, sugar and lemon juice....
2 hours later,
4 jars full of apple and blackberry jam!
Decorated the chocolate cake with left over Quality Street chocolates...
Just to remind hubby how many years that ball and chain has been attached to his ankle!

Friday 28 August 2015

Making Beautiful Music Together....

Enjoyed a half price breakfast at Webb's this morning,
So to burn THAT breakfast off,
Hubby and I have been doing what we do best,(besides that ;))
Making lots of jam, jellies, and lemon curd.
My children were happily watching "Aliens in the Attic" again.
Just as we sat down to rest our weary selves, 
One of my sons asked what we had been doing in the kitchen.
"Making beautiful music together" I replied!


Thursday 27 August 2015

Feeling The Plums

Today has been a mix of showers and sunshine.
Hubby has been attempting to get more greengages off the tree,
As soon as he goes up the stepladder, it starts to rain (heavily)
So with the 4 kilos of greengages they picked yesterday,
we made over 8 jars of jam!
They are being stored  for the winter months,
When it's freezing cold and snow on the floor.
We will be eating a lot of food containing  jam to keep warm! 


Wednesday 29 July 2015

P is for......

Welcome to Hump of the Week!
Today's is my dad's Birthday.
He received a homemade card and a copy of my latest book on his Kindle.
Back home,out came large preserving pan out.
Time to make pickled onions, chutney, and several flavours of jam.
All this pickling is giving loads of ideas for the next book,
Amazing where a pickled onion can be put ......;P