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Thursday 12 May 2022

Bang Bang & Bounce!

 The trouble with nude dancing is that not everything stops when the music stops - Robert Helpmann
Welcome to my Thursday 💥
The sun was up!
My late father-in-law's funeral is next Wednesday.
I did all the Heardles, except Heardle 70s which turned out to feature in the film,"Deliverance"
Now time for brew and breakfast.
No thermal vest today!
Long blue dress on instead.
Now out into the sunshine...
I give hubby his sloppy wet one.
 The big big sunglasses kept put on.
I gets the newspaper and chats to someone who knew the man that died last Wednesday.
"He was 64, and not a nice man." He said.
Then he told me about the dealings he had with him, which was no nice.
I wished him a good morning, and got my summer coat on.
I put on my lights.
Now to Rock 'n' Roll.
Again, people not stopping.
Lots of BOINGs handed out.
One woman in a blue car just drove into my stick, It hit the front of her car, went bang, and bounced off.She kept driving!
I was glad to finish in one piece!
I goes past the Charity Shop and notices 2 nice pictures that I like.
I park up, grab a bag and my facemask and off to the Charity Shop!
Their card machine wasn't working, so I went to get some money out.
I got the big picture of flowers.
The manager of the shop saw me go past and saw me looking at the pictures.
I showed the picture of the two pictures I bought two weeks ago.
She said I did a good job and perhaps get a job as a Interior Designer.
I laughted and said it was too stressful!
Put all the nice things in SEXY BEAST.
Did some shopping in the Co-op while I was there.
Back home.
Too our recycle bins off the pavement.
Coffee machine went on.
Unloaded the shopping.
Soup maker went back on.
Coffee time!
I caught up with some blogging.
Then armed with a hammer, I put the 3 pictures,I bought on the walls.
Now for some soup.
Then it's time for Part 2.
The fun I had driving to my job.
One Corsa tried to take me out, pulling out of a junction, then he braked at the last minute!
Some was reversing and not signelling when she was backing into!
I was glad to park up!
On goes the summer coat.
On the way to turn on my lights.
I got chatting to two ladies.They asked if the man survived last week. I said sadly not.
They were on their way to the Charity Shop, I told them I went in earlier, and have left some bargains!
Turns on my lights.
Chats with my friend with the dog for a chat.
Then my two friends turn up to for a little rabbit.
Said goodbye to them when it was time for me to start my shift!
3 older women in their cars failed to stop.
They had 3 BOINGs for doing that!
Glad I survived that!
Time for a brew!
Puts tea in the oven.
Now to do some blogging.
I worked it out, by time I publish all my blogs up to the 5th June, there is 46 blog posts for everyone to catch up with!
Hubby had a sloppy wet one 😘 when he came home.
Tea is served.
I looked into today's newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1990:
Adamski - Killer 
USA No.1 on this day in 2007:
Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder
Pierino  "Perry" Como  was an American singer, actor and television personality. During a career spanning more than half a century, he recorded exclusively for RCA Victor for 44 years, after signing with the label in 1943.
He died on this day in 2001 aged 88. 
Sleep Tea Time.
Hubby then dropped off to sleep, snoring followed.Tried waking him up, no luck.
Off to bed I went on my own.
Tomorrow the Friday Feeling is back 🎈
It's Friday 13th!😨

Wednesday 6 October 2021

Oh Yeah, I Am Trained To Use The Stick!

If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well - Proverb
Welcome to my Hump Of the Week 🐫
Warm hug with brew.
Opens the curtains...
Sunshine is coming back \o/
Gives hubby a sloppy wet 💋 before I leave.
It was still a bit cold to put the summer coat back on.
The big big sunglasses went back on.
I put on my lights on.
Now for the fun to start...🍭
Car drivers were going under my stick once it was raised up.
As soon as I dropped it down, they soon stopped.
The otherside of the road just as bad!
As least the sun is out!
I finished in one piece.
I chatting to a man who waves at me every morning.
His son got killed down Alcester Rd, On New Years's Eve in the late 1980's
(The other main road, which is far more busy than the road I do my lollypop job).
He was trying to cross the road, when he was hit at 70 m.p.h by a stolen black Ford Escort Xr3i.
The stolen car was later found burnt out.
He died after 11 days in hospital.
The Police got a lucky break, when they stopped another stolen black Ford Escort Xr3i. They got one of four teenagers that was in the car.
(The other 3 ran off)
The teenager admitted being in the car (In hit and run), and named the other 3 teenagers.
The driver of the car only got 2 and 1/2 years for killing the man in the hit and run. 
That is why there is a Pedestrian Refuge Island there now.
I use my Pedestrian Refuge Island to cross people over.
I learnt it was put there as someone was killed crossing over the road!
After the man stopped talking,
I said his late son had the same first name as my husband, and his late wife shared my first name too.
I said if he ever wants to have a chat, he knows where I am.
Then off to the Co-op to get some supplies!
Then picked up my newspaper and my neighbour's magazine.
Back home.
I puts on the coffee machine.
Then I go around to see my neighbour with his magazine.
Has chat for a half an hour.
I got back and my coffee was ready!
My large sewing bag arrived!
The embroidery machine is in the poker dot bag.
Overlocker machine is in the grey bag.
The red and blue bag holds my sewing machine.
What is so strange, I have no power lead for the overlocker, and still can't find the power lead that came with the sewing machine either!
(Good job I bought a replacement one!)
I ran out of time to write yesterday's blog post and hop onto my spin bike either :(
Lunchtime arrives....
At last the sun comes out!
On goes my summer coat!
I put on my lights, and I chat with my two friends before I start my shift!
Now for the fun to start....🍭
Car drivers were again not stopping until I lowered my stick.
I had a man on my right watchng what I was doing.
One parent I crossed over, said to me..
"What a day I have had!"
"Time for a massage,"I replied to him
"Fat chance of that happening!" He laughed.
One car driver found his brakes just in time after I lowered my stick.
The passenger in the car was banging her gums when she went past.
The man that was watching me, asked me:
"Is that in your training? To do that with your stick?"
"Yes, and my four moves are in the Highway Code!" I replied.
He didn't answer that to that, and walked off.
I finished in one piece.
Now to get back home.
I put the tea in the oven.
Now to get down and write yesterday's blog post.
Hubby came back and a warm hug and a sloppy wet 😘.
Tea was served.
Once blog post was published.
Now to look into today's newspaper.
Richard  Farnsworth was an American actor and stuntman. He is best known for his performances in Comes a Horseman (1978), for which he received an Academy Award nomination for the Best Supporting Actor, The Grey Fox (1982), for which he received a Golden Globe Award nomination for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama, Anne of Green Gables (1985), Misery (1990), and The Straight Story (1999), for which he received a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor. 
He died on this day in 2000 aged 80. 
Peter  "Ginger" Baker  was an English drummer and a co-founder of the rock band Cream. His work in the 1960s and 1970s earned him the reputation of "rock's first superstar drummer", for a style that melded jazz and African rhythms and pioneered both jazz fusion and world music.
He died on this day in 2019 aged 80. 

Sleep tea time.
Early night needed....🛏