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Tuesday 23 January 2018

Up & Down x 20

I was trying to rest the foot as much as possible...
Even watching my daily dose of 
Out came another cooking book...
 I replace the Lamb with Turkey.
Added some Kale and Chillies.
Now to chop chop
Dug out another boxset to watch.
Not bad for £6 from a charity shop!
The same charity shop and for the same amount I got the Sopranos boxset↓↓
 Dished up the nice grub I made earlier..↓
 Seeing the Physio tomorrow.
I have been doing my exercises with my foot.
 Yoga for my foot I call it...
Let's bend the foot ....


Monday 17 November 2014

Rolling, rolling, rolling

Running from one job to another.
Cups of coffee in between
Jumped into onesie when I finally got home.
While my kids was doing their "homework"
Out comes the book......
 Apple & Blackcurrant Pie
Made up for getting soaked in the morning!


Sunday 19 October 2014

Whip A Lime Into Shape!

I had itchy baking fingers...
Out comes the Baking book
Plus my friend Kenny the Kenwood came out too.
 I put the 5 limes I bought yesterday to some use!
Key Lime Pie for later!