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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Having A Surprise Guest Visiting!

Welcome to my Hump of the week 🐫
We had a visit from my late mum late last night.
A vase got knocked over, with her flowers I bought for her from Dunelm....
(She might have gone,
But she lets me know she is still around!)
It's her birthday next month,
So I getting her some nice flowers for her grave..💮💮💮
Now to enjoy breakfast in bed  
 💋💋💋 everyone when they left.
On goes a black t-shirt...↓
 I used up the bacon and black pudding↓
 The Sunshine is back!
 The path will have to swept later↓
 Chills in Hanbury Hall Car Park.
 Now off to work.
 Pops round to see my dad.
The sun is out.
Not quite 20c↑
Back home.
 Coffee and Newspaper time.
I then go outside to sweep the path.
 A plane flying over the house
 The path is now clear of leaves until tomorrow.
 Hubby comes home..💋💋💋
The sky is looking lovely
 Apprentice Time!
Last day at Job 1 tomorrow....
Friday is not far away.... 🐪


Saturday, 18 November 2017

Squeezing In The Snuggles

I had a visit from a Doctor at 2am to give me injection again DVT.
After feeling terrible for half of the morning.
I had something to make me feel better..↓
(Bacon & Black Pudding Sandwich)
Back to writing the book..↓
 Instead of hand on my heart,
My foot goes there instead!!
Some nice coffee...
We had a delivery of a big fruit and vegetable box.↓
 Had some nice Indian food↓
Put my foot up to carry on with the season 3 of Star Trek - The Next Generation..
Just about managed to snuggle hubby on a single bed, with a concrete foot up on a cushion...😀