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Saturday, 6 October 2018

Having To Use Plan B..

I had a lie in for once...
I will catch up with "The Sounds of the 60's" during the week. 
It is raining outside.
(No Intention of stopping)
Plan B today...
Trip to town.

 The view from level 11 of Car Park 4
 Long way down 
We didn't stop too long,
Only 45 minutes.
Picked up a lovely coffee.↓

Dropped into see my Dad.
The battery on his car has gone dead.
Even his battery charger stopped worrying.
Time for a nibble I think!
After 4 hours,
I ordered a new battery charger for him.
My brother is popping in tomorrow to sort out his battery on his car.
 Now to do some shopping and looking around...
 Gets back home to unpack everything we bought..
 Coffee and cake time!
Kicks off my shoes...
It is getting cold outside.
We have held off enough...
The Heating as to go on!
Hopefully the sun will be back tomorrow...
Nice trip to Hanbury Hall is planned...
To enjoy some apples...🍎🍏