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Thursday 28 September 2023

Trying To Have A Ride!

Be suspicious of any doctor who tries to take your temperature with his finger - David Letterman
Welcome to my Thursday fun 🌺
Breakfast and Brew.
Time to leave the house.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet one 💋.
Now onto work...
On goes the winter coat and summer hat.
I go and walk down the road to turn on my lights. I came back up to get my big stick.
Next to put on the other lights.
Let's go to work...🍭
Still had to last minute brakers not helping the situation. At least the rain kept off.
Lots of postive feedback about my cake.
Finished in one piece.
Filled Sexy Beast up with fuel and got the newspaper.
Back home.
Coffee time.
Finished the
Pigs in Mud cake.
Now to leave to go to Kidderminster Hospital.
Round and round the car park three times to find a car parking space. There was nowhere to park on the side roads. One more go around the car park and found one space.
I had to pay up front.
I had to wear a facemask when I got in there.
I had one part of what needed doing, I refused the second part as I knew what would happen if I let them do it.
I decided not to pay for more parking and eat in the cafe, I came home instead.
Light lunch.
Talked to hubby on his dinnerbreak.
Then out I go to the afternoon shift.
Puts on my summer hat and summer coat on.
Puts on the lights and walks down the Charity Shop.
Time for a ride....🐴
After that fun.
I turned on my lights and went to get my big stick out of Sexy Beast.
We all had a rabbit in the square.
I said goodbye to my friends.
Now to start the afternoon shift.
Some car drivers were leaving it really late to stop.
At least they did!
One BOING for one car on the otherside of the road.
Finished in one piece.
Cup of brew time.
I put the tea in the oven.
Quick look into today's newspaper.
Hubby came home and had a sloppy wet one 💋
Tea is served.
T.V time.
Sleep Tea Time.
Boxed the cakes ready for tomorrow.
Friday Feeling is back tomorrow  \o/






Thursday 21 January 2021

Making Full Use Of Kenny!

There are many who dare not kill themselves for fear of what the neighbours will say - Cyril Connolly
Welcome to my Thursday 👾
Brew with a hug.
I got dressed, as hubby is still not well.
I got the kids up to do their on-line learning.
I went and got the newspaper early.
Got newspaper.
Back home.
Nice coffee to warm up with.
Hubby phones up his Doctors about his High Temperature.
They advise him to have a Covid Test.
While he is booking his test online to go to the near-by walk in centre.
His boss had left a "nice" message on his phone, on why he hasn't come into work, and not to think about working from home and get into the office now!
I phoned up my doctors about my 6 week cough I have got.
The Doctor phoned me back and advised me to have Covid Test.
I went on-line to book a test at the nearby walk in centre.
Now out of the house.
Now to go for Test...
We did the tests.
Hopefully hear the result tomorrow 
Once we get back home, 
Hubby goes back to bed as he is feeling not very well.
Time to get Kenny out!
To use up some bananas.
Once the banana bread is made,
It's put in the oven.
I got yesterday's blog post wrote.
I had a nice easy lunch.
Time to guess the year...
The Banana bread was ready!
My disco lights arrived \o/.
Tea at 3 with them on.
Quick look in the newspaper:
Benny Hill  was an English comedian, actor, singer and writer, best remembered for his television programme The Benny Hill Show, an amalgam of slapstick, burlesque, and double entendre in a format that included live comedy and filmed segments, with Hill at the focus of almost every segment. 
He would have been 97 years old 🎈
He died aged 68 in 1992.
Edwin Starr  was an American singer and songwriter. Starr was famous for his Norman Whitfield-produced Motown singles of the 1970s, most notably the number-one hit "War". 
He would have been 79 years old 🎈
He died aged 61 in 2003. 
John Ryan , best known by his stage name, Jack Lord, was an American television, film and Broadway actor, director and producer. He starred as Steve McGarrett in the CBS television program Hawaii Five-O, which ran from 1968 to 1980.
He died on this day in 1998 aged 77. 
Lamb meatballs with Lingine
Now to catch up with series 6 of Kitchen Nightmares Update.
With some Sleep Tea.
All ready for the Friday Feeling tomorrow 🎈






Friday 25 December 2020

Woo Hoo Xmas Time!

I gave my wife a brand new watch for Christmas - waterproof,shockproof, unbreakable, and antimagnectic. Absolutely nothing could happen to it. She lost it. - Milton Berle

 Christmas Day
Welcome to my Christmas Day 🎄🎅
For once we was not woken up at 6am by our kids.Being teenagers they wasn't in no rush to move out of their warm pits.
We still enjoyed in brew and warm hug..
We took down the presents.
Put them in piles.
Nice bit of salmon for breakfast↑
Our teenagers finally get up...
Open the presents!
My presents.....↑
Hubby's new Christmas Jumper↓
I break in my new cup↓
Hubby goes and gets his dad.
I make sure everything gets put on for Christmas Dinner.
They are back in over an hour.
Then the talking starts.....
Stops only for Christmas Dinner.
We caught up on the 30th Anniversary of Have I Got News For You.
Cups of tea, biscuits, and trifle....
I showed my father-in-law, 6 John Wayne DVDS I picked up from a Charity Shop in Worcester a few years ago...
His eyes lit up!
Once he has watched them, he can have more western films from my late dad's collection of DVDs.
He had 4 meals from yesterday, 5 apple pies,piece of Christmas cake to take home.
I said goodbye and hopes he enjoy the food and John Wayne! 
While hubby dropped him back.
I went back to 1990....

Next episode...
Christmas Top of The Pops Special from 1995
Top of Pops Christmas Special from 1988

Top of The Pops Christmas Special from 1984.
We watched the Newspaper Review when hubby came back.
With added Sleep tea..↓
Off to a warm bed with my warm hands and cold feet!