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Friday 1 November 2019

Having A Good Talk Talk

I could sit in your lap all day if you don't stand up - Groucho Marx
Let's all welcome the Friday Feeling 🎈
 I had a cup of tea and a snuggle with hubby in the warm bed.
Off for a little ride...
 The view from Car Park 4↓
 Looking Down↓
 First stop was Primark.
We got the Mindcraft Xmas Jumper↓
Coffee time↓
Now to walk that bacon roll off
 I bumped into one of my co-worker from my old job at Fawlty Towers.
(She was going to visit Blackpool tomorrow)
Then I bumped into my cousin and uncle.Chatted to them for half an hour.
Moved on to a friend who worked with me at Royal Mail.
Ten minutes later I bumped into the Labour Councillor for my district of my town.
After an hour he had to talk to someone else.
I said "Hi" to a TA from my dinnertime job.
Just off to get another coffee, when I bumped into a friend who was fired from his job at the Happy Place of Work (where I work)
By the time we had to pay to get out for the car park.
*We had been up town for 4 hours and 25 minutes! *
We got home and I got my book I ordered↓
 (Can't wait to read it!)
Quick peak of the newspaper↓

 I goes off to The Happy Place Of Work
Cake anyone?
 I came back with a red face.
Hubby made the tea.
Then I went to the final job of the week with some great music:
When I got back, we caught up on the final show of:
I started to read the new book...
(I had to put my mouth battery on charge)
I got through 1/3 of it by the time I dragged hubby to enjoy the last of the Friday Feeling🎈