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Tuesday 4 October 2022

Hunt The Parcel!

Flattery hurts no one - so long as you don't inhale -
 Adlai Stevenson
Welcome to my Tuesday Hunt the Parcel Time 📭
Where has the sun gone?
Heardle Time!
Heardle 60s:
My answers⇊
Breakfast and Brew...
Woke up younger son...
(As I forgot and he was late getting up yesterday)
Time to hit the road....
Hubby still had two lines on his Covid test,
So no sloppy wet one for him ❌
I put on my summer coat.
Went and got my newspaper.
Put on my summer hat, but I still had my gloves on.
Now to put on my lights.
I hope that rain keeps off....
As my Summer coat doesn't have a hood!
Let's go to work 🍭
I gave out a BOING in the first ten minutes.
One van failed to stop on the otherside of the road and gave me such a Black Look!
Another lorry parks over the road on the double yellow lines!
The fun I had when cars were overtaking it, then having to stop for me!
Lots were testing out their brakes!
I was glad to finish in one piece.
Home time.
The coffee machine was put on.
Tidied up the living room.
Coffee Time.
I wrote and published 3 blog posts up to lunchtime.
I was expecting my Amazon order anytime now.
Off I went to do the afternoon shift with the CD I bought yesterday.
Put on my summer coat and summer hat.
I went and put on my lights.
Back to Sexy Beast and to get my big stick. 
I sat in the square with one friend to have a rabbit with!
Then it was time to say to goodbye.
"See you tomorrow!" I said to him as I mounted the stairs to my spot.
I had a BOING straight away.
More testing of the brakes, especially on the otherside of the road.
At least the rain kept off!
Finished in one piece.
Back home I went.
In need of a brew!
Amazon had delivered my parcels, but no to me.
Here is where they left them↓
Got onto Amazon about not having my delivery!
Now to get on with cooking the tea...
Got it all made.
In the oven it went.
Hubby came home.
No sloppy wet one for him ❌
Tea is served.
Now to look into today's newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1964:
The Tornados - Telstar 
UK No.1 on this day in 1975:
David Essex - Hold Me Close
US No.1 on this day in 1980:
Queen - Another One Bites The Dust. 
We watched the last episode of season two of "Yellowstone."
Sleep Tea time.
Back to that big King Size bed on my own 🛏





Wednesday 13 November 2019

Happy Birthday Mum!

Television is a weapon of mass distraction - Larry Gelbart
Welcome to my Hump of the Week 🐫
It would have been my late mum's 75th Birthday today🎈🎈🎈🎈
I will be popping around later to see her with her flowers and balloon 🎈
Anyhow I had a lovely cup of tea and cuddle in bed 
I gave everyone big sloppy 💋💋💋 before I left the house.
It was freezing cold.
Good job I have the thermal knickers on!
I survive the morning shift of 🍭
Then round to give my mum her flowers 💮💮
I wished her a Happy Birthday.
Then it was back home for a much needed coffee!
Followed by a early lunch.
 Back out for a ride↓
 More singing to do..
Quick peek at the newspaper
 Whoopi Goldberg is 64 years old 🎈
  I looked across the fields of fun↓
I comes out with a nice red face.
More singing to do on the way home.
 Coffee and nibble time↓
 It's still single figures↓
 Blue skies for the afternoon shift of 🍭↓
Afterwards, I gets back home.
Now on to Happy Place Of Work.
Does my bit, then back home to start on the tea...
Jacket Potato with some nice vegetables↓
 Now to to burn it off at work with some great tunes↓
 It was raining when I got back home.
I had some nice sleep tea,
Before I could hear the rain on my window pane, I was fell asleep....zzzzz