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Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Superstar Tuesday

The coward dies a thousand deaths, the brave man ...only 500 - Meredith Willson
Welcome to my cloudy Tuesday.
 No sunshine to be seen :(
I enjoyed a warm hug and a cup of tea in bed↓
I kissed 😗😗😗 everyone before everyone left the house.
I enjoyed a sneaky coffee while I got dressed!
 I was watching a skip lorry deliver a empty skip and take away a full skip..
Grand unveiling of my Halloween themed cake↓
 Coffee and nibble time↓
 Wrote yesterday's blog
Early lunch↓
 Only cloudy and cold↓
 Singing all the way to work.
Little look in the newspaper↓
 Tony Hart would have been 94 years old 🎈
 He died in 2009 aged 83.
Barry McGuire is 84 years old 🎈
 Richard Carpenter is 73 years old🎈
Chris De Burgh is 71 years old.
 I was singing along with Chris while looking across the fields of fun.
 Boots were put on...
I had a nice red face when I left.
More singing to do on the way home..
 Good job I had my rain mac....
I had to walk very fast from Sexy Beast to my front door.
Coffee and nibble time↓
Off to the Happy Place of Work. 
I chilled when I got back.
Cooked the tea... 
We caught up with 
After tea, we enjoyed some cake.
 Off to work I go with some great music↓
Gets back to watch Bake Off.
 We had to relent....
The heating had to go on for a little bit....
Hoping it is going to be a warmer Hump 🐫 tomorrow...