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Tuesday 5 November 2019

She Has A Pair Of Those Too!

You should try everything once except incest and folk dancing - Arnold Bax
Welcome to my busy busy Tuesday.
I was up far too early...
As I start my new lollipop job today 🍭
But first it's a cup of tea and cuddle time↓
  Breakfast,dressed, I gave everyone sloppy 💋💋💋 BEFORE I left the house.
 The traffic is terrible to get to my lollipop job.
(I will have to leave a bit earlier tomorrow)
Uniform on, with lollipop stick.
 I turn the lights on,
I begin my first morning...
One mini-van had a choice.
Either stop or have his windscreen smashed by my stick.
He chose to stop.
Once finished, I went home.
 Liquid refreshment with vitamin C.
Quick dash of housework.
Light lunch...
Back out for a little ride...
 The rain's back!
 Not very warm either!
It's a good job I had some good music to sing along with, as the journey to work was terrible!
Quick look in the newspaper↓
 Elke Sommer [Elke Schletz], German actress is 79 years old 🎈
Art Garfunkel, American singer and actor is 78 years old 🎈
Pablo Gomez, Spanish musician, drummer (Los Bravos) is 76 years old 🎈
 Peter Noone, English rocker (Herman's Hermits) is 72 years old 🎈
Bryan Adams is 60 years old 🎈
 It was still raining when I left Sexy Beast.
 One of the teachers commented on what kids say...
I told her the story, when one of my sons was about six years old and on a Police Open Day at our local Police Station. He pointed to a pair of handcuffs on a Policeman and said:
"My mum has a pair of those too!"
I smiled and the Policeman smiled back!
I had a lovely red face when I got back to my car. 
More good music to sing along to..
 Back home for a nibble with coffee↓
 Now for round 2 of Lollipop 🍭
I had a better one than this morning.
Everyone stopped!
I gets back home.
Now off to the Happy Place of Work.
I even done a bit of singing while I did my job.......;D
 Back home in the dark to put the tea on....
Then off to work to do yet more singing...
 With Chris Andrews..
 I got back to finally finish the book I have been reading since Friday.
Finished it.
Now for cuddles.....