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Tuesday 23 October 2018

Feeling The Good Vibrations...

Welcome to Sunny Tuesday.
I had a lovely breakfast in bed↓↓
 💋💋💋 everyone goodbye.
Superhero t-shirt time↓
 I enjoyed some marmite...↓
While waiting for the lorry to move..↓
 Once it disappeared...
I had some shopping to do...
 I did some top up shopping.
I picked up a take-away coffee.
However they didn't take off the 25p off the total as I did bring my own cup↑
I enjoyed the chill moment in the car park of Hanbury Hall Car Park.
 Two cars came through the way out entrance, while I was reading my newspaper.
Now to work,
But first to enjoy the views..
 Afterwards, I popped into see my dad.
He was watching a lovely film on TCM.
 Gets back home to unpack my shopping.
I swept all the leaves up from the path..
 Until tomorrow, 
When they will be back...
I sorted the evening meal out.
(We had it early as Bake Off Semi Final is on)
Let's hope for a dry Hump 🐫 tomorrow. 


Tuesday 17 May 2016

Good Vibrations...

Making the most of this sunshine.
Dragged myself to do another Walk of Woe.
Not just once around the lake but twice!
Walked it in: 2.79 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes.
Even the babies were out
Dressed head to toe in pink once more. 
By the afternoon, I was on the black coffee..
The matchsticks under my eyes were straining..
Don't mention the word YAWNING,....
Too much of that I was doing as well ;O