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Thursday, 1 February 2018

It's Good To Talk..

Welcome to February!
Busy month for me...
Valentine's Day 
My Birthday on 28th
(no 29th February this year!)
The space was cleared
(for the two seater sofa)
First coffee of the morning↓↓
 My good friend visited me.
We caught up with lots of 
homemade samosas
The man from the Council checked over the boiler....
He wanted my autograph at the end of it..
I had my two seater and armchair come...
 Had to take off a few pictures off the wall in the hall way.
I said to them who was bringing in the sofa..
"That's the only thing I'm taking off!" 
(laughing very loud)
Had to move the Living Room about.
The bed was took away...
We enjoyed another coffee before my friend left..
 Might test out the sofa tonight...
House MD is calling me.... 

Monday, 1 February 2016

Rising To The Occasion

Welcome to the 1st of February.
It's my real birthday this month (29th)
11 years old in real Leap years..
Experiencing a bit of wind around here..
Storm Henry arrived.
My skirt was being blown about on second shift of Job 1.
There was no rising to the occasion this time of the skirt....Just!
It would have been sight for some very sore eyes if the skirt had been lifted!