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Saturday, 11 June 2022

The Price Of A Balloon Keeps Going Up!

I don't fit in.I'm like the only one in a nudist colony with a duffle coat - Victoria Wood.
Welcome to my Saturday 🎈
The big bed was so lovely!
While having the first cup of tea, we did all the Heardles.
60 Heardle was:
Now to use that big shower....
I had the bill for the room.
I was charged £15 for the balloon!
(Next time I will bring my own!) 
Down for breakfast.
The view from our table.
I didn't have the cooked breakfast.
Hubby did.
After we finished,
Off to the room to collect our things.
We put them in Sexy Beast.
Now to look around the grounds.
I handed the key in.
Told the receptionist I wasn't happy on being charged £15 for one single balloon. That was the only blot on our stay.Next time I will bring my own balloon!
Now back home.
Back home to unpack the overnight bag.
Hubby went out with son to do the shopping.
I had balloon to pump up for son's 18th birthday tomorrow.
Now to sort out the bunting for the garden.
Hubby came back with younger son with the food shopping.
Unpacked it all.
Still can't get a picture on our television when using Sky :(
Will have to get someone in I suppose!
Carried on with writing the blog posts from last week!
We listened to "Sounds of the 60s" from earlier.
Top 3 from 1967 
The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset.
Engelbert Humberdinck - There Goes My Everything.
Procol Harum - A Whiter Shade of Pale
Speaking of No 1's from previous years....
UK No 1 on this day in 1969:
The Beatles - The Ballad of John and Yoko.
USA No.1 on this day in 1966:
The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black.
USA No.1 on this day in 1977:
KC and the Sunshine Band - I'm Your Boogie Man.
Nice bit of Pizza for tea.
I finished making my son's Birthday cake for tomorrow. 
Kenny the Kenwood had a good play!
Just had to let the chocolate collar set in the fridge.
Sleep Tea time.
Night all!