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Friday 23 September 2022

Time For Those Big Ones To Come Out!

He hasn't been himself lately, so let's hope he stays that way - Irvin S.Cobb
Welcome back to the Friday Feeling 🎈
Heardle Time:
Heardle 60s:
My answers:
Now for some breakfast with brew.
Now out to face the world!
I gave hubby a sloppy wet one 💋 before I left.
I gets the newspaper.
On goes the Summer coat with gloves.
Plus big big sunglasses...
Turns on my lights....
Now let's go to work....🍭
For a change, cars were actually stopping!
It was getting quite warm with the sun.
Only two BOINGs given out!
Finished in one piece.
Picked up some pegs from Dunelm.
Back home to use them.
Coffee machine was put on.
Three washing machine load of clothes were put on the line.
Now to enjoy some coffee!
Unloaded the dishwasher and loaded it back up.
Ordered some more earrings as most of the ones I have bought in the past, I only have one of each!
Now for some light lunch!
Now to do the final shift of the week!
A Black car was in a hurry behind me, and cut me right up before we got to the first island. He didn't get much further as someone was doing 30 in a 40 m.p.h zone and he couldn't overtake.
At the last island he went ahead and didn't turn left, where I was going \o/
On goes the Summer Coat and big big sunglasses.
 I turn on my lights.
I get my big stick from Sexy Beast. 
I hope that van that was parked on double yellow lines, wasn't going to be there when I started↓
Now to sit and wait in the square.
Getting the Vitamin D...↓
Only one friend came for a rabbit....
We had a good natter.
I wished him a good weekend.
Now for part two!
Back to not stopping!
One grey car who failed to stop received a BOING for not stopping!
More Limbo cars trying their luck driving under my big stick.
Until my big stick came down, even the minis couldn't go under it!
I finished in one piece and had a good amount of vitamin D!
Back home I go.
Time for a much needed brew!
I started on writing the shopping list for later on.
Put the evening meal in the oven.
Hubby came home and a sloppy wet one 💋
Nice tea..
(I forgot to take a pic of it!)
Hubby went off to do the food shopping afterwards.
I looked into today's newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1965:
The Walker Brothers - Make It Easy On Yourself.
UK No.1 on this day in 1978:
10cc - Dreadlock Holiday 
US No.1 on this day in 1967:
The Box Tops - The Letter
I started to update the blog.
Hubby came back.
I helped him put the shopping away.
We watched↓
Sleep Tea Time.
Off to bed to enjoy more Friday Feeling 🎈