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Thursday 15 April 2021

Joining The Convoy!

The longer the title, the less important the job - George McGovern
Welcome to my interesting Thursday πŸ‘…
Mmmm nice hug with brew to start the day!
I gave hubby a wet sloppy πŸ’‹ before he went to work.
I hung out my lollipop coat to soak up the sun's rays some more!
Now to go for a little ride is Sexy Beast.
The sun was nice and bright.
Big big sunglasses has to come out again!

I said hello to everyone in the shop while getting the newspaper.
I told the woman I was going to have a job interview later on.
"You have told me already!" Came the reply.
I left rather quick after that!
Hopefully everything will be signed for my late dad's house soon.
My dad's drive has still got two cars parked on it.
Gets back home.
Quick coffee..
I got the yesterday's blog wrote.
Early lunch.
Then to ready for the job interview.
My lucky red hat!
(Can't wait for a haircut!)
Off I go for it...
I was sticking to the 50.m.p.h of the road.
The van and car drivers were not happy.
(They couldn't overtake as the lines were against them.)
I had a nice convoy building up behind me.
Finding somewhere to park was another story.
There was actually a small space outside the building of the interview.
Gets into space, now to back and forward to tidy the car up, there was a bollard behind me, so I had to be careful not to smack the back of my car!
On goes the facemask!
I was shown around where I what I was going to do. The interview was supposed to last 20 minutes. Once I got talking, it last over an hour and 20 minutes.
He asked me if I wanted more hours besides this job.
I said yes.
Then he was talking about the job I had discovered earlier this month.
I know of that job I said.
 His advert↓↓↓
He didn't realise the mistake of £10 per year until I told him.
I was offered the job I went for.
I might be get chance of the other job as well.
Woo hoo!
I start next week :)
Now back home.
No convoy on the way back home.
I filled out form they sent me and sent it back.
(It saves printing it out and bringing it  in with me next week)
They don't have any tabards in my size.
I have four different coloured tabards from previous jobs and not one in their colour.
So I had to order some!  
Belated Tea at 3
I had to drop off the kids help Joe deliver some leaflets. It was a right pig to park somewhere to drop them off. Cars right up by arse didn't help.
I threw off my bobble hat in was going that bad!
Having too much hair doesn't help either!
I might have to get hubby to get the hair trimmers out....
Finally gets home!
Hubby comes back from work.
Nice big sloppy πŸ’‹ off me.
Nice steak and chips tea to celebrate getting the job :)
Judge Rinder time.
Quick look in the newspaper.
Marty Wilde, MBE  is an English singer and songwriter. He was among the first generation of British pop stars to emulate American rock and roll, and is the father of pop singers Ricky, Kim and Roxanne Wilde. 
He is 82 years old 🎈
Dave Edmunds  is a Welsh singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. Although he is mainly associated with pub rock and new wave, having many hits in the 1970s and early 1980s, his natural leaning has always been towards 1950s-style rock and roll and rockabilly.
He is 77 years old 🎈 

Richard Conte, (birth name Nicholas Peter Conte)  was an American actor. He appeared in more than 100 films from the 1940s through 1970s, including I'll Cry Tomorrow, Ocean's 11, and The Godfather. 
He died on this day in 1975 aged 65.
R. Lee Ermey  was an American actor, and Marine drill instructor. He achieved fame for his role as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the 1987 film Full Metal Jacket, which earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Ermey was also a United States Marine Corps staff sergeant and an honorary gunnery sergeant.
He died on this day in 2018 aged 74.
Kids came back and had their tea.
I caught up with more:
We will be catching up with Dragon's Den and Top of the Pops from 1990 tomorrow.
Sleep Tea.
Friday Feeling 🎈 back tomorrow :)


Thursday 1 October 2020

Toot,Toot, We Got Ourselves A Convoy!

I've learned that you can't have anything at the same time 
- Oprah Winfrey
Welcome to my Thursday!
To October!
(White Rabbit)
Brew and Hug.
Missed out on our daily walk.
Into Sexy Beast we go. 
The newspaper hadn't arrived, will collect it later.
Back home.
There was nice rainbow appearing..
I give hubby a sloppy wet πŸ’‹ before he goes to work.
I give my kids the same πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ 
I wrote yesterday's blog post.
Nice cup of strong cup of coffee afterwards.
Big big sunglasses time...
Listen to one of the CDs I bought yesterday.
I followed a lorry that was parked down our road last night. I kept my distance, and I had formed a bit of convoy of cars behind me!
I had a quick look of the newspaper when I got to work...
Rob Davis is an English guitarist and songwriter.He was a member of the glam rock band Mud. In 2000, he achieved his biggest commercial songwriting successes. Fragma's "Toca's Miracle"He co-wrote with Cathy Dennis, "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" for Kylie Minogue.In the Grammy Awards of 2004, Davis shared a Grammy with co-producer Philip Larsen (Manhattan Clique) and performer Minogue, for another Minogue single "Come into My World", in the category of Best Dance Recording. He is 73 years old. 🎈

Youssou N'Dour  also known as Youssou MadjiguΓ©ne Ndour, is a Senegalese singer, songwriter, composer, occasional actor, businessman, and politician. In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine described him as, "perhaps the most famous singer alive" in Senegal and much of Africa. From April 2012 to September 2013, he was Senegal's Minister of Tourism.He is 61 years old 🎈

I looked across the fields of fun↓
I had a better day than yesterday!
The sun was still shining on the way home.
More singing to do...
The sun followed me home \o/
Followed by light lunch.
The delivery driver who was dropping off my food order, couldn't find my house.
"I didn't know there was a house down here!" He said.
"If I had a £1 for everyone said that,I wouldn't be living here!"I replied.
Unpacked my food order!
Belated Tea at 3.
Back onto the sewing.
I made a new duvet cover↓
Another face mask.
When hubby came home.
A big sloppy πŸ’‹
Then off to do our daily walk...
Then a nice tea!
With a episode of NYPD Blue.
Then off to work.
Big tune to start with:
I couldn't see no moon tonight.
We watched a further 2 episodes of 
We have the last episode of season 10 to watch tomorrow night!
Sleep Tea time.
Back on the Friday Feeling🎈 tomorrow.