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Thursday, 7 March 2019

I Can See Mine!

“Have a good Thursday.
Remember: Keys are funny little things, they are innocuous, yet, without them, so many doors would be closed.”
Anthony T. Hincks 

Welcome to my Thursday.
The sun is shining, surely it will keep stop this way???? 
Cup of tea time...
I gave everyone big 💋💋💋 when they left.
I opened a packet that came yesterday↓
 Nice boost for the start of the day↑↓
 I noticed someone had forgotten their school sandwiches↓
 I will drop them off before I go to work...
My early lunch↓
 Just as I get out of the house.
It starts to rain:(
 It's a good job I am wearing my leggings↓
 Drops off sandwiches.
Now to look up Birthdays.
 Daniel J. Travanti (born Danielo Giovanni Travanty; is an American actor. He is best known for playing Frank Furillo in the television drama series Hill Street Blues (1981–1987), for which he received a Golden Globe Award and two consecutive Primetime Emmy Awards from many nominations.Is 79 years old. 
Rik Mayall:  English comedian, actor and writer. (Young Ones, Blackadder, Bottom)
Would have been 61 years old.
(He died aged 56 in 2014)
 Richard O'Callaghan ( Richard Brooke) is an English film, stage and television character actor.He has led a versatile career in film, stage and television in a wide range of roles. O'Callaghan took over the role of the clumsy but sympathetic romantic lead, played in earlier Carry On films by Jim Dale, in Carry On Loving (1970) and Carry On at Your Convenience (1971).He is 79 years old.
Charles Gray: An English actor who was well known for roles including the arch-villain Blofeld in the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever, Dikko Henderson in a previous Bond film You Only Live Twice, Sherlock Holmes's brother Mycroft Holmes in The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and as the Criminologist in The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975.He died aged 71 in 2000.
Kenny Ball:An English jazz musician, best known as the bandleader, lead trumpet player and vocalist in Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen.He died aged 82 in 2013.
“The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” single written by Ewan MacColl, released by Roberta Flack (Billboard Song of the Year 1972) in 1972

The rain has stopped for a bit...
 Quick coffee, before the fun starts.
The temperature went down↘↘↘
Good job I was wearing the leggings.
Tried to park on my drive, 
There was a lorry in the way.
I parked by the side of it,
And refused to move,
Blocking the road.
The lorry reversed up,
Then I got on my drive at last! 
 It goes back across my drive...
Nice read and coffee for 5 minutes.
 I go up to Job 2.
The lads in the factory finished off my final cake
 I just commented on what I was giving up for Lent.
One lad commented, He gave for sugar for Lent one year, after he realised he was getting too big.
(40 inch waist, his belly hung over his belt, and he couldn't see his feet!)
I looked down at my feet...and said:
"I can see mine!" 
Goes back home to sort out the tea.
We catch up with some 
 Comic Relief Apprentice 2019 part 1
 Then off to bed to carry on where we left off last night 😚💋


Thursday, 24 January 2019

Playing With Lemons

I wonder why you can always read a Doctor's bill and you never read his perscription - Finley Peter Dunne.
Welcome to my Thursday...
Off to see the Doctor this morning..
But first breakfast in bed...↓
 Out in the fresh air...↓
 Sees the Doctor.
Just keep doing what I am doing, as it's on my chest,nose and throat.
I have a sick note until Monday.
(Hopefully the Red cross will be took off the front door) 
I drop off hubby so he can pick up his car after it had been MOT.
 At least the temperatures are going up ↗↗↗↗
Hubby drops off 2 sicknotes at my 2 jobs.
He goes back to work....
Coffee time!
 I have my Amazon order arrive↓
 My favourite packs of Lentils were on offer...
£1.35 each instead of £2.20!
 Having an upgrade on my tablecloths↓
 My new tool arrived from France.
It was sold out all over Christmas.
Finally got my hands on one!
 The new National Trust handbook arrived ↓
 Now for some hot soup↓
 Followed by some Jaffas!
While I went back to watch Season 15 of Hell's Kitchen... 
 It's Birthdays time.
 Ade Edmondson: British comedian(Young Ones, Bottom) is 62 years old.
 Ernest Borgnine: American actor (Ice Station Zebra, McHale's Navy, Marty,Airwolf), would have been 102 years old.
( He died aged 95 in 2012)
Neil Diamond: American singer-songwriter, musician and actor is 78 years old.
Chris Penn: American actor (The Wild Life, Reservoir Dogs), dies at the age of 40 in 2006.
 Gordon MacRae, American singer and actor (Oklahoma!, Carousel), dies of pneumonia at 64 in 1986.
  33rd Golden Globes: "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", Jack Nicholson, & Louise Fletcher win in 1976.
 I have 3 lemons and some eggs to use up.
What better than to get Kenny out for a quick play...
Lemon Drizzle cake!
 Going to be using this to get to sleep later↓
We carry on watching Hell's Kitchen.
Hubby goes off to bed early....
I carry on watching the semi-final...
Then I wakes up at 1.20am.....
Oh dear.....
Too much Friday Feeling too early!