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Tuesday 10 November 2015

Taking The Piss....

Woo hoo it's 3 jobs Tuesday.
Diced with death twice by 2 shifts of Job 1.
I might have to attach a blue light to the top of my lolly stick.
Then there won't be NO EXCUSE that they can't see me!
Got compliments, saying how funny I am.
From the children while doing Job 2.
While attempting to do Job 3,
I walked into the men's toilet (to clean it),
The door was unlocked.
I disturbed a man taking a piss......
A quick exit was needed...


Tuesday 3 November 2015

Don't Get Me Angry.....!!

Woo hoo it's 3 jobs Tuesday.
Don't go there!
I will flare if you dare!
I had red mist coming from my nostrils earlier when it was mentioned!
I had a visit from my boss for job 1,
On the eve of my first anniversary of being a Lolly Pop Lady.
I am doing a great job!
Now for a lovely warm hug from hubby.

Tuesday 30 June 2015

On Top Tonight!

Three jobs Tuesday is nearly finished.
I was still trying to finish my son's Birthday cake after 10pm last night.
Jack was well pleased with the finished effort.
It has been so hot today.
Tonight we will be sleeping on top of the 16 tog duvet and not under it.
I was dressed head to toe in white,
and slapped all over with factor 50 sun cream.
No red lobster time for me!

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Sniffing The Spinach

It has been 3 jobs Tuesday.
Rain in the morning, followed by  sunshine in the afternoon.
Soon took off those roller skates when I finished all my jobs.
Now to make tea from scratch.
This was my first attempt to make it.
In went the spinach,two different kinds of cheese, onion,spring onions,
garlic,parsley,2 eggs, and filo pastry.
The end result:
Spinach Pie

Tuesday 24 March 2015

Kissing The Floor

Day 4 of no Internet connection
Fingers crossed it will be back tomorrow.
Today has been 3 jobs Tuesday.
So nice to go back to normal for first job.
Cars not stopping, even though I had my Lolly pop stick in the road ;(
Nearly hit a car’s wing mirror
I got down and kissed the floor when I got finished…