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Saturday 21 September 2019

I'm Sticking With it Thanks!

Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't - Erica Jong
Welcome to my weekend 🎈
 Woo hoo the sun is back :)
I caught the last half an hour of "Sound of the 60s".
 Enjoyed my tea and hug in bed:)
We had to be up town early....
No lie-in for our kids \o/
Up and out...
 We parked in Car Park 4
 Looking down↓
 I had to sort out my mobile phone contract...
 "Did I want to upgrade my phone?"
"No," I replied.
If I went on my hubby's account, it will be £4 cheaper. The only downside to it, was I would have to change my number.....!
*The same number I have had for nearly 21 years!...*
My answer was no to that as well.
They tried to give us a tablet for £13 a month.
I declined that offer, as I am trying to get my bill down not up↗↗↗↗
After wishing I had not bothered.
(It didn't feel like I got any savings at all!)
I now have 3 mobile accounts on my account including mine!
I took in 5 empty tubs into Body Shop and got a £5 voucher to spend online  \o/
We got a coffee to go and head home to drink it!
 While hubby took our kids to their boxing class.
I had to blog posts to write...
With the help of some great Rock and Roll music...
Light Lunch↓
 I got loads of ideas for the cake I am making next month.
My kids were going to enter the Eurovision Cake Bake at school this week.
(I won it last year)
However, no sign of any baking coming from my kitchen!
Now for a ride in Sexy Beast.
 It's getting warmer↗↗↗
 Going to check the tyres
 It was well warm....
When we got back.
I didn't fancy cooking....
Nice to have a treat once a month↓
 We carried on watching series 10 of:
It doesn't help the Sky box cuts off the episode before it finishes :(
I had to drag a tired hubby off to the bedroom......
Now to burn off that pizza! 


Saturday 17 August 2019

You Got What It Takes....

It may be that your sole purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others. - Anon
Welcome to the weekend 🎈
I let hubby have his lie-in..
I had things to do...
 Tea and Toast↓
 I wrote and published yesterday's blog post.
I listened to the final hour of "Sounds of the 60s".
Hubby wakes.
Nice cup of coffee I take upstairs to get dressed and wake up the kids..
 It didn't go down too well they had to get up before 9am!
Once up and changed.
Time to get some fresh air↓
 We parked on the college car park like yesterday.
 Now off to the School Uniform Bank
 I met up with so many friends to have a yak with.....
I had a good yak session for a good hour and half.
Son was trying on new shoes,
Which I will be buying next week..
 Even when we were walking back to the car, I bumped into another friend for a catch up!
 Dark clouds are coming..
Now to do a few days shopping↓
 Birthday card for my friend's son↓
 While hubby and son went to fetch some gerbil bedding for our gerbils, 
I stopped in car,
As I knew too well,
I would be bringing another pet home with me↓
 Back home↓
 Late lunch↓
 We caught up on the week's episodes of:
Then hubby done the mowing of the lawn↓
 He cut back the bush....↑
After he returned from the tip run.
We enjoyed a sucky in the garden↓
 I sorted out the paint brushes and pots of paint for tomorrow painting session..
It was time for our evening meal↓
 Steak, potato wedges, and mushrooms. 
We caught up on some programmes we missed during the week↓
Interior Design Masters
Ten aspiring interior designers on the cusp of turning professional are taking part in the biggest design challenge of their lives. Arriving at a design studio in east London, they nervously meet each other for the first time, before being welcomed by series presenter Fearne Cotton.
Dragons’ Den
 back for its seventeenth series, and a there is a new fire breather in town. Crafting queen Sara Davies, the youngest ever Dragon, joins titans of industry Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman and Tej Lalvani in a den that is hotter than ever. 
In this fierce first episode, a spiced rum entrepreneur gets the party started by giving the den a rock 'n' roll makeover. A husband and wife team bring along a four-legged friend to help them achieve their ambition for their pet food business. And a toilet gadget inventor hopes to get investment by talking dirty to the Dragons.
  I even got tickets to Grand Designs Live at the Nec in Birmingham for October at a bargain price \o/.
Nice to have a early night in bed 🛏


Saturday 27 April 2019

Wow, Looking Good After 10 Years!

Don't wait for the storms of your life to pass. Learn to dance in the rain. - Steve Rizzo
We had such a long lie-in...
We missed "Sounds of the 60s"!!!! 
Oh dear, that is two weeks of shows I have to catch up with... 
While we were sleeping, we missed some of the Storm Hannah.......
We had a late cup of tea in bed.
Lots of hugs and kisses followed....
Then we got up...
The wind was getting that bad,
It was shutting the windows!
I looked out of my front door and saw that Storm Hannah had visited and left a mess!
 Oh dear!
I had to tidy that up before we went out...
Now out for a little ride...↓

The wind nearly blew off my hat and nearly blew my skirt up.
I got some nice stuff from Home Bargains for the garden..
 Next stop was to get some veg from Lidl↓

We were blew back to the car....
We got back to the house..↓
 Once we emptied the car,
Had a late lunch,
We went back out to↓
 Got more things for the garden.
It started to rain....
So all the plants had a little drink.
I found some photos of my front garden,
When I moved in 10 years ago...
This is a real eyesore↓
*It has took 10 years to get it looking nice!*
Tomorrow we are changing what is down the path by the Pear tree↓↓
It got that cold the heating had to go on.
We had a light evening meal.
Time for another movie to watch...
I checked the Birthdays.
Ann  Peebles : Is an American singer and songwriter who gained celebrity for her Memphis soul albums of the 1970s for Hi Records. Two of her most popular songs are "I Can't Stand the Rain", which she wrote with her husband Don Bryant and radio broadcaster Bernie Miller, and "I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down". In 2014, Ann Peebles was inducted into the Memphis Music Hall of Fame.
She is 72 years old. 
 Sheena  Easton: is a Scottish singer and songwriter. She has a dual British-American nationality. Easton first came into the public eye as the focus of an episode in the first British musical reality television programme The Big Time: Pop Singer, which recorded her attempts to gain a record contract and her eventual signing with EMI Records.
She is 60 years old.
Ruth  Handler : was an American businesswoman and inventor. She served as the president of the toy manufacturer Mattel Inc., and is best remembered for having invented the Barbie doll, although the doll's design was created by missile engineer-turned-toy designer Jack Ryan. 
She died aged 85 in 2002. 
Betty Boothroyd becomes the first woman to be elected Speaker of the British House of Commons in its 700-year history in 1992.
Once I had caught up with my blog posts...
It was..
Time for sleep zzzzzzz