Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday 20 February 2023

Who's Telling The Truth???

 Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate - Murphy's Law
Welcome to my Monday Motivation 💟
No Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡 this week, as it is Half Term Holidays.
We had a bit of a lie-in.
Heardle Time!
Heardle 60s:
My results:
Breakfast with Brew.
I was feeling unwell.
I stopped here,as hubby had to sort more of his late dad's house out.
I gave him a sloppy wet one 💋 before he left.
I went back to bed.....Zzzzz
I got up later on.
The thermal vest went back on!
Goes outside for some fresh air....
Coffee time.
I got on writing last week's blog posts up to a liquid lunch.
Hubby went down to Tesco's for his lunch.
He went to burnt it off by several trips to the household tip.
I had some more blog posts to write.
His late dad's house is looking really empty now.
It's looking really sad now :(
Hubby picked up a Magic Box from Morrisons on the way home.
I got 4 blog posts wrote, another 3 to do tomorrow.
He has a sloppy wet one 💋 when he came back.
He has pizza, I played safe with a salad.
Then I looked into today's newspaper.
UK No.1 on this day in 1959:
Shirley Bassey - As I Love You
UK No.1 on this day in 1964:
The Bachelors - Diane
UK No.1 on this day in 1999.



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