Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Monday, 2 May 2022

Giving The House A Make - Over Part Three

It doesn't matter whether you're rich or poor as long as you have money - Max Miller
Bank Holiday Monday
Welcome to my Bank Holiday Monday.
Final day of sorting out my late Father's in law house.
Nice hug to start Monday with.
We load up the car with some of my pictures.
(My walls look bare!)
First stop was to pick up some more rugs from:
Then into Dunelm to pick up more bits.
I nipped into see Joe for more bits and to borrow some of his pictures.
Then over to finish my late Father-in-law's house.
Time to use the new kettle...
Coffee first with nibble.
Now to put up the pictures around the house.
Afterwards, we carry on sorting out the Dining Room.
New Voile goes up in the window.
More pictures goes up.
More pictures put up in the kitchen↑
Now to finish off in the Living room.
New curtains go up.
Finally finished the house at 7.30pm.
Just locking up when the neighbour's wife comes out.
I say to her:
"I heard your husband shout out the window about tidying up the shit hole. It's not our fault it was left like this.If your husband wants to come round and see me about it, or I go round and see him,about it I will. He just has to worry about what neighbours he is going to have next."
She says to that,"He has to have a camera up the bum tomorrow in hospital!"
My reply to that was:
"I hope that use lots of lube!"
I say my goodbyes and we leave.
On the way home, we pick up some big pizzas to eat.
After I finished off the pizza.
I have a hot shower, and get my work things ready for tomorrow.
I don't need a sleep tea as I am very tired after today....
A early night ready for going the Wobbly Work Wheel 🎡



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