Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 18 November 2021

It's Getting Nearer....

 Dahling, I have enemies I've never met. That's fame! - 
Tallulah Bankhead
Welcome to my Thursday 👍
Warm hug with brew.
Thermal vest goes on.
I gives hubby a sloppy wet 😘 before I go.
It's a bit fresh this morning.
Gloves go on!
Puts on my lights.
Let's go to work...🍭
Oh dear, I am just looking pretty while I hold up my lollypop stick!
Not many stopping this morning.
Too much of a rush.
Two car drivers using and looking at their mobile phone  while  driving past me.
At least the Flower lorry stopped for me!
Finished in one piece!
I got the newspaper on the way home.
I puts on the coffee machine.
Unloads the dishwasher and loads it back up.
The big garden tidy-up is being done on Saturday!
Moves some of the stuff out of the bathroom, as we are having new tiles fitted on the wall.
(10 years after I put the old ones on the wall)
Now to get yesterday's blog post wrote, all the way to lunchtime!
Now for round 2.
It was too warm for gloves.
I turned on my lights.
Now time for a good rabbit with my two friends.
I said goodbye to my friends.
Now to start the afternoon stint.
One grey van went straight under my stick, My stick nearly touched the ladder on top.
I was shot a look of evil, by one car drive who I stopped.
I was glad to finish in one piece!
Time to for a much needed brew.
Starts on the tea.
Hubby comes home and has another sloppy wet one 💋.
Dish up time.
I have the vegetable option, everyone else has sausages with their tea.
Now for more Christmas hits...
I looked into today's newspaper.
"Ben-Hur" directed by William Wyler and starring Charlton Heston premieres in New York City (Academy Awards Best Picture 1960) in 1959
Sleep Tea Time.
Friday Feeling is back tomorrow \o/🎈


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