Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 11 November 2021

Fame's Thursday Throwback!

Sorry the article's late.Someone was using the pencil -
Dorothy Parker
Welcome to my Thursday Fun 💪
Nice big hug to start the day!
Brew with breakfast.
Thermal vest put on.
Gives hubby a sloppy wet one 😘 before I leave.
No need for gloves...
Note to self, take off a layer for the afternoon shift...
Already getting hot under the collar before I start!
I put on my lights..
Now to Rock 'n' roll...🍭
My side of traffic was at a standstill, the otherside the cars had  no intention of stopping, a few cars had to use there brake hard to stop!
At least they just about stopped!
It started to drizzle for a short time...
I survived this shift.
I collected the newspaper on the way home.
Coffee machine was put on...
Dishwasher was loaded up and put on.
I thought the blog won't take too long to write it....
But first coffee!
Looking back in yesterday's newspaper,
Which was quite interesting:
I wear my trainers out, so won't have to worry about not wearing them!
Spinning bike in at number 8...
Speaking of Yoga mat, I have one, and because of my dodgy knees, I haven't got it out yet!
Done my 2 minutes silence...
Finally finished yesterday's blog post by lunchtime.
Now for round 2:
No gloves again needed.
Both friends arrived early.
So we did a convoy to put on my lights and walked back to the bench for a jolly good rabbit...
Said goodbye to them, just before I started my shift.
One large van went under my stick.
Going to carry on from this morning.
At least I finished in one piece.
Home Time.
Must needed brew needed.
Feeling terrible, so a quick power nap is needed!
Had a nice warm hug off hubby when he came back.
Tea is served.
Now to watch the first episode of the first series TV series "Fame".
We watched the first 3 episodes...
I looked in today's newspaper.
The Beatles with Billy Preston release "Get Back" in UK in 1969.
Sleep Tea Time.
 The Friday Feeling is back tomorrow 🎈




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