Domestic Goddess

Domestic Goddess

Thursday 23 September 2021

Wally Is looking Good!

A bore is someone who talks when you wish him to listen - Ambrose Bierce
Welcome to my Thursday 📦
Mmmm warm hug with brew.
Opened the curtains...
Nice sunrise
Gives hubby a wet sloppy 😘 before I leave.
Big big sunglasses time.
Summer coat goes on
(With jacket underneath)
I put on my lights.
Now for the fun to start 🍭
I stopped the white Tesla again ;)
Someone had to slam the brakes on or it would have done tap and smash!
Still loads of traffic to deal with.
At least I finished in one piece!
I collects the newspaper on the way home.
The coffee machine was put on.
While that was doing the coffee, 
I watered the plants.
Poured my coffee,
Then mopped the kitchen floor.
I filled in the form for permission, took a picture of it, and emailed the council department.
The email bounced back to me!
Copy and pasted the email address off the council website.
It did not bounce this time.
DPD redelivered my parcel to a shop for me to pick up later on this afternoon!
Woo Hoo!
Much needed coffee now!
Tried to write yesterday's blog post.
However as normal,
I got sidetracked.
Trying to find some draught excluders.....
Either too small, too expensive, or I would have to wait for some in November!
Son came back, and he wore his fancy dress outfit, to show me how he looked.
Where's Wally!
His Where Wally cake has to be finished for tomorrow.
More books arrived for me to read!
Light lunch.
Then it's back out in the sunshine.
On goes the summer coat.
I go and get a ice-lolly.
Turn on my lights.
Collects Lollypop stick.
Then to enjoy the sun's rays with ice lolly.
Chatted to one friend.
Then I started the afternoon shift.
Some car drivers drove straight under my stick....
Oh well....
One Speedy car driver had to slam his brakes on, as I was in the middle of the road, and not going on nowhere....
Finished in one piece.
Now to go and pick up my parcel.
I had some laughs in there.
Back home I go.
Now to get the tea on the go....
Hubby came home and had a sloppy wet 💋
Tea is served..
Quick look into today's newspaper.
You always need some Jive Bunny in your life!
I love Agadoo that much,
It's my ringtone on my mobile!

That'll Be the Day" by Buddy Holly and the Crickets reaches #1 in 1957
"Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" directed by George Roy Hill and starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford premieres in 1969.
"The Shawshank Redemption", directed by Frank Darabont and starring Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman, is released in 1994.
 Sleep Tea time.
Just about to go to bed at 11pm, when my son comes down to finish off his cake and wants my help!
Out comes the white fondant, rolls it, puts it on the cake. Now for the red effect on it!
Where is Wally cake
The Friday Feeling is back tomorrow 🎈




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